• Electro-Flow™ simultaneously manages hydraulic and electrical demands in your system for total system efficiency
  • Multiple communication modes: Wireless digital paging, 2-way wireline, 2-way wireless and Hybrid (combination of wireline and wireless) for Network LTC Plus and Network VP
  • Advanced multi-manual operations for overseeding, hot spots or fertilizer wash-in for all hardware platforms
  • Multi-lingual display

Designed by Toro, built by Toro, supported by Toro. SitePro is the most widely used central control system in the golf course industry. SitePro gives you the features you need and the options you want. With SitePro, your control system can be customized to meet the needs of your specific course. SitePro has what it takes to dependably manage even the most demanding course - yours!

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Remote access to your system

See an area that needs adjustment on the course; make the change directly at the satellite or on PRISM. Need to check what’s running now, use your mobile phone from anywhere. Want to confirm your pump station is running at full capacity during the night; check in from your home PC. With NSN® Connect, remote access is now available any time, anywhere.

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Station or program based flow management

Manage your water time window and keep your pump station at full capacity. Select the flow management method that best meets your requirements. See where your water is going and when. Save time, energy and water.

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Pump station integration

The ability to connect to your pump station monitoring software is a standard feature in SitePro. Choose how you want the interaction to occur and what conditions you want SitePro to automatically respond to.

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Interactive map

A picture is truly worth a thousand words with T.Map—full manual operations and system feedback. View, edit and create irrigation programs. Compatible with GPS, CAD and aerial photography. Communicate with your staff and your management team with work orders.