• Robust signal integrity achieved through digital signal processing technology

  • Reliable design and construction to exceed industrial and military standards

  • High bandwidth for faster communications

Upgrade your irrigation control system with advanced wireless technology. Whether you have older analog radios, damaged wire, or just want to bring new life to your irrigation communication system, upgrade to the state-of-the-art Raveon M7-UC UHF digital radio. Its new digital wireless technology is now standard in wireless models of the Lynx Smart Hub and Lynx Smart Satellite.

Data Recovery

Data recovery in the presence of noise through error detection and correction – greatly increasing communications robustness in marginal reception areas

Signal Strength

Signal strength measurements and radio addresses – providing site survey information, diagnostic information, antenna optimization, and installation confirmation

High-speed radio

High-speed radio frequency synthesizers allow more bandwidth - Lynx downloads are 12% faster over digital radios than those over analog radios

Bandwidth Iimprovements

Additional bandwidth improvements are planned to further increase the speed of network communications

Raveon M7-UC

The Raveon M7-UC was designed for efficient operation, featuring low power consuming electronics, and a modern and capable ARM microprocessor for cool operation in challenging environments

Raveon M7-UC

The Raveon M7-UC was designed to commercial, industrial, and military standards

  • Frequency Band
    450-470 MHz
  • Operating Temperature
    -30⁰C to +60⁰C
  • Radio Model
    Raveon M7-UC UHF
  • RF I/O Connector
    BNC (Female)
  • Toro Part Number
  • Transmit Radio Power
    Programmable 500mW to 5.0W, 2W default