• The LTC Plus to Network VP Upgrade Kit facilitates an all-at-once upgrade to the Lynx Central Control System

  • The LTC Plus to Network VP Upgrade Kit includes a new timing module featuring state-of-the-art electronics, a large backlit display and the feature set of Network VP and Lynx Smart Satellite

  • Easily upgrade to Lynx once all LTC Plus satellites are upgraded

Improve productivity and irrigation efficiency all-at-once with the LTC Plus to Network VP Upgrade Kit for LTC Plus sate llites. The upgrade kit offers a productive and easy-to-navigate timing module with enhanced manual control, new diagnostic information, and the full programming feature-set of the Network VP and Lynx Smart Satellite.

Once all of the LTC Plus satellites have been upgraded to Network VP, the SitePro central control system can be upgraded to Lynx central control system. Your Toro distributor will assist with the conversion process:

1. Convert the SitePro database to a Lynx database

2. Install the Lynx Central Control software

After the full system update is complete you will experience the simplicity, productivity, precision, and efficiency of the Lynx Central Control System and the full-featured Network VP satellite.

• Model: 118-0038
Kit contents include:
• Network VP Enhanced Timing Module: large six-line backlit display, modern electronics, enhanced manual control and diagnostic information
• LTC Plus to Network VP Power Distribution Board with cable and hardware

Intuitive User

Intuitive user interface simplifies faceplate functions

Enhanced Manual

Enhanced manual operations for better control

Runtimes Executed

Runtimes executed to the second for precise application of water

Stackable Multi-manuals

Stackable multi-manuals to eliminate a return to the satellite

Extensive Diagnostics

Extensive diagnostics to confirm normal operation or guide troubleshooting

Instant “Start/Pause/Stop”

Instant “Start/Pause/Stop” because sometimes stopping quickly is as important as starting quickly