• New upgrade opportunity for Network VP satellites

  • Larger, high-contrast display for more productive satellite operations

  • Modern electronics and reliability upgrades

Toro has developed a new timing module for Network VP satellites providing an upgrade opportunity for Network VP customers. The new technology employed in the timing module was developed for managing sensor data in combination with the new Sensor Input Kit for Network VP. The timing module upgrade is compatible with all Network VP satellites. A large, bright display is the first change noticeable with the upgraded timing module. Manual operations are productive and diagnostic information is easily accessible through the new display. Behind the display are state-of-the-art electronics including a fast processor and additional memory to improve responsiveness and manage more data.

• Languages supported include: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese
• Compatible with all Network VP or VPe satellites
• Compatible with Sensor Input Kit for Network VP

Bright backlit display

Bright backlit display with six lines of information for productive manual and diagnostic operations.

Menus displayed

Menus displayed in English, Spanish, or five other languages for primary functions.

Faster Processor

Faster processor and more memory for handling sensor input data and for future enhancements.

USB Port Upgradable Ffirmware

USB port upgradable firmware allowing fast and easy future enhancements.

Optional Password Protection

Optional password protection to prevent unauthorized changes to satellite configuration.