• The OSMAC G3 Upgrade Kit features a state-of-the-art wireless receiver with improved reception capability achieved through digital signal processing technology

  • A new user interface adds new functionality in the field, enabling quick setup, manual operations, program storage, and diagnostics

  • Like all OSMAC products, an E-OSMAC satellite updated with the OSMAC G3 Upgrade Kit is compatible with the Lynx Central Control System

Upgrade E-OSMAC satellites with the OSMAC G3 Upgrade Kit and bring new life and utility to your irrigation system. The kit adds new functionality, including program storage for stand-alone operation and a user interface for performing manual irrigation or diagnostic activity.

• Model: 118-2987
Kit contents include:
• OSMAC G3 Timing Module with Antenna, Interface Cable, Fasteners
• Toro Base Station or Radio Interface Unit (RIU)
• Lynx or SitePro Central Control System

Equipped with a High-Performance Receiver

Equipped with a high-performance receiver with integrated modem, providing industry-leading communication signal integrity, reliability, and signal strength indication.

Executes Run Times to the Second

Executes run times to the second under the control of Lynx® for productive and precise water application.

Received Control Messages are Logged

Received control messages are logged with signal strength indication - a useful reference of recent activity and valuable diagnostic detail.

Stand-alone Capabilities

Stand-alone capabilities enable running scheduled irrigation programs – a convenient backup option and useful during course construction.

Manual Operation Capabilities

Manual operation capabilities include program start, station multi-manual, and syringe cycles - a new point of control on the course.

Diagnostic Information is Available

Diagnostic information is available in the display menus – displaying confirmation of normal function and information to guide troubleshooting.

Capable of Remote Operation

Capable of remote operation with hand-held radios and Lynx mobile apps - flexible control options, on and off the course.