• Reliable Design – Designed for reliability, featuring a limited number of cables and connectors, corrosion-resistant metals, vented circuit board covers, and simple parallel power and signal distribution.

  • Enhanced Wireless Communication – Equipped with a high-performance receiver with integrated modem, providing industry-leading communication signal integrity, reliability, and signal strength indication. Wireless communication also allows easy system expansion.

  • Osmac Compatible – Compatible with any narrowband Osmac system equipped with an Osmac Base Station or Radio Interface Unit (RIU). Able to retrofit with Osmac RDR and E-Osmac satellites.

  • Productive and Precise – Operates up to 32 stations simultaneously with run times executed to the second for productive and precise water application.

The Osmac G4 satellite combines value and reliability in one controller. Wireless communications, easy installation and setup, and compatibility with existing Osmac systems make the Osmac G4 an ideal choice for a control system upgrade or retrofit. As part of a Lynx® Central Control system, the Osmac G4 will run flow-managed programs using station run times executed to the second for precise water application. An upgrade kit is available for E-Osmac satellites, adding new functionality, including program storage for stand-alone function and a user interface for performing manual irrigation or diagnostic activity.

  • Dimensions
    Plastic Cabinet: 17” W x 40” H x 16” D
  • Power
    Input power: 120/240 V ac, 50/60 Hz
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