• Deliver important field sensor data into Lynx

  • Inform your decision making

  • Automate responses to alarm conditions

  • Safeguard your course

Relevant data is the foundation of informed decision making, whether the decision is made by a human or a computer. A Lynx Smart Satellite equipped with a Sensor Input Kit can receive data from up to seven sensors. The satellite collects, stores, and delivers the data to Lynx, where it can be accessed by the superintendent on the Sensor Dashboard. Lynx also can respond automatically to changes to the irrigation system and changes in weather conditions. A Sensor Input Kit can help save the valuable resources of time and water, and help keep course conditions at their best.


• The Sensor Input Kit for Lynx Smart Satellite is a module that contains eight station outputs and seven sensor inputs. It takes the place of a sixteen station output board
• Lynx version 5.0 or later is required for interaction with Sensor Input Kits
• Model Name: SMRT-SEN-BRD-KIT

Compatible or Recommended Sensors

Toro Pressure Sensor Kit
• Model: PRESS200-SEN-KIT
• 0 – 200 PSI
• ¼” – 18 NPT male thread

Toro Temperature Sensor Kit
• Recommended accessory: Radiation Shield Davis #7714

Rain Gauge
• Recommended Model: Texas Electronics TR525I

Flow Meter
• Recommended Models: Data Industrial 200 Series or Bermad 900M Series, reed switch signal

Accepts Up to Seven Sensors

The Sensor Input Kit for Lynx Smart Satellite can accept up to seven sensors; it is compatible with the following sensors: • (1) Pressure sensor • (1) Temperature sensor • (5) Flow meter, rain gauge, or switch status sensors – each input independently configurable

Documents Type Language
Product Literature Sensor Input Kits – Sell Sheet English PDF
Manual Lynx Smart Satellite Sensor Kit – Installation and User's Guide English PDF