• Industry's Largest Nozzle Selection
  • Stainless Steel Valve Seat
  • Radius Reduction Screw
  • True Part and Full-Circle in One – (40° - 330° part circle)

The New INFINITY 35/55 Series with SMART ACCESS™ features a dual trajectory main nozzle that provides exceptional nozzle performance at the 25° standard angle position and great performance in windy applications at the 15° low angle position. And the part/full circle drive allows you to adjust the area of coverage to match your seasonal watering needs or meet water rationing mandates in seconds with no additional parts required.e rock screen and stainless-steel valve seat.

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Arc adjustment—40°-330° and true full-circle in one

One sprinkler for every location on the course. These unique sprinklers can be a full circle today and a part circle tomorrow, allowing you to simply and economically adjust the area of coverage to match your seasonal needs or meet water rationing mandates in seconds with no disassembly or additional parts required.

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Future-Proof Your Investment

Compartment provides room to grow. Whatever the future holds, this sprinkler will be ready. Getting smarter without digging!

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GDC 2-wire module

accessible from the top Allows for GDC module retrieval, system troubleshooting and system repairs without digging!

Nozzle Base Clutching

Hot spot watering has never been easier, simply turn in either direction, hold and shoot to put down as much water as needed, exactly where you want it. Standard on all part circle models.

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Pilot Valve Accessible

Toro’s patented CHECK FLOW™ feature facilitates troubleshooting, pressure adjustments, solenoid and pilot valve servicing without turning the water off or digging!

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Wire splices protected and accessible from the top

The protective enclosure isolates wire splices from the soil and potential shorts to ground. Provides access for system troubleshooting and repairs without digging!

  • Radius
    INF35: 43' -53'
    INF55: 55' - 92'
  • Flow
    INF35: 8.2 - 47 GPM
    INF55: 14.1 - 61.3 GPM
  • Precipitation Rate
    INF35: Minimum - .41"/hr; Maximum - .45"/hr
    INF55: Minimum - .46"/hr; Maximum - .58"/hr
  • Trajectory
    25° & 15°
  • Arc
    Full Circle; Part-circle Adjustable; Part/Full circle in One - 40°-330° and 360°
  • Recommended Operating Pressure
    65-100 PSI
  • Maximum Operating Pressure
    150 PSI
  • Minimum Operating Pressure
    40 PSI
  • Inrush
    60 Hz, 0.30 Amps
  • Holding
    60 Hz, 0.20 Amps
  • Inlet
    INF35: 1" Acme
    INF55: 1 1/2" Acme
  • Pop-Up Height
    3 1/4"
  • Body Height
    INF35: 10"
    INF55: 11 3/8"
  • Body Diameter
    SMART ACCESS cover and Compartment
    INF35: 7 5/8"
    INF55: 7 5/8:
  • Weight
    INF35: 4.26 lbs.
    INF55: 5.08 lbs.