• Trujectory adjustment of the main nozzle - 24 positions, from 7°-30°
  • Dual trajectory adjustment of the main nozzle - 25° or 15°
  • Arc Adjustment - 40-330° and true full-circle in one
  • Nozzle Flexibility - The industry's largest selection of precision nozzles from 20’ to 90’ radius applications

The Toro FLEX800™ R Series Conversion Upgrades enable customers with existing Rain Bird® Eagle™ 900 and 1100* Series sprinklers to upgrade to Toro’s industry leading sprinkler technology. The benefits of upgrading include the patented TruJectory™ adjustment, full and part circle in the same sprinkler, the ability to ratchet the riser and clutch the nozzle base, and an extra 1½” pop-up height.

Trajectory Adjustment

Trajectory adjustment of the main nozzle for radius reduction and obstacle avoidance

Adjustable part/full circle or full circle only models available

Adjustable part circle from 40-330 degrees and true full circle - 855RB & DT55RB
Full circle only - DT54RB

Ratcheting Riser

Ratcheting riser allows riser positioning without riser removal

Back Nozzle Capable

Back nozzle capable (855RB & DT55RB only)

Adds 1.5" (3.8 cm) Of Pop-Up Height

3.25" (8.3 cm) pop-up clears the tall grass

  • Recommended Operating Pressure
    60-100 psi (4.1 - 6.9 bar)
  • Pop-Up Height
    3.25" (8.3 cm)
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