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  • Adjustable flow control reduces water waste from misting and fogging
  • Spray-free internal as well as external bleed allow manual operation
  • Jar-top design for fast no-tools access

Built to take the pressure, the Toro 1" (2.5 cm) In-Line Jar-Top Valve operates in the widest flow and pressure ranges from 0.25 to 30 GPM (.9 to 113.6 LPM) and 10 to 150 PSI (.7 to 10.3 BAR). These valves are typically installed below ground and are housed in a valve box keeping them securely out of sight. The threaded bonnet jar top system enables fast and easy servicing.

Manual internal/external bleed

Manually activate at valve box, internal bleed eliminates flooding at valve location.

Flow control

Reduces water waste from misting and fogging

SANTOPRENE diaphragm

Rugged, double-beaded SANTOPRENE diaphragm provides leak-proof seal.

Full Stainless Steel Metering System

Reduces wear and increases reliability.

Encapsulated Solenoid

Spring and plunger enclosed in solenoid

  • Flow
    0.25 - 30.0 GPM
  • Holding
    0.2 amps
  • Inlet/Outlet
    1" (2.5 cm) Female Slip
  • Inrush
    0.4 amps
  • Operating Pressure
    10 - 150 PSI (.7 - 10.3 BAR)
  • Solenoid
    24 V a.c.
Replacement Diaphragm

Model #53804 - Replacement Double-Beaded Diaphragm, fits all Toro Jar Top valves

Replacement Solenoid

Model #53803- Replacement Solenoid, fits all Toro Jar Top valves