• Model designed specifically for the snow-focused customers - cutting deck not included
  • Sleek, streamline design with elimination of extra hoses and parts
  • Foldable platform has self-adjusting suspension and large open area to move around
  • Increase productivity with 10 mph max forward fround speed and and extra-large 10.5 gallon fuel tank

Innovative Toro® GrandStand® MULTI FORCE stand-on that has the ability to attach a plow and power broom. It features a 26.5 hp Kohler EFI 747cc engine and designed to give you even more productivity. The smaller footprint takes up less space on the trailer when transporting. Speed up to 10 mph, has a 10.5 gallon fuel tank that allows you to go farther and work longer. We've eliminated the hydraulic hoses, reduced parts, no routine greasing and simplified the design to save you time. Gives you exceptional operator visibility which leads to less property damage and a higher quality of work. Best of all, great traction on slopes and maneuverability.

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25% Faster Speeds

The 10 mph transport speed gets you to your next destination 25% faster.*

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Better Visibility

Exceptional operator visibility leads to less property damage and higher quality work.

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Easier Maintenance

Access to both sides of the engine, hydros and controls with the easy removal of the fuel tank.

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Less Maintenance Needed

The elimination of hydraulic hoses, reduced parts, no routine greasing and simplified design, save you time.

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Comfortable Ride

The platform has self-adjusting suspension, a larger open area to move around, and sloped sides for a more secure stance when cutting sloped terrain.

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Extra Large Fuel Tank

10.5 gallon fuel tank requires less filling and more time working. Transparent tank make it easy to gauge the fuel level.

  • Engine
    26.5 hp Kohler Command EFI 747cc
  • Fuel Capacity
    10.5 gallon
  • Mowing Speed
    Up to 10 mph
  • Transport Speed
    10 mph
  • Air Filter
    HD Cannister
  • Caster Tires
    11" x 5"-5" (28 x 13-13 cm) flat free semi-pneumatic
  • Drive System
    Integrated hydraulics (no hoses)
  • Drive Tires
    20” x 10” - 8” Snow tires (50.8 cm x 25.4 cm – 20.5 cm)
  • Engine Horsepower
    26.5 hp
  • Engine Displacement
  • Ground Speed
    0 - 10 mph (0 - 16 kmh)
  • Hydraulic Fluid
    Premium synthetic
  • Optional Attachments
    Snow Removal Plow
  • Comfort Platform
    Foldable Operator Platform with Suspension
  • Steering Controls
    Twin lever
  • Weight
    680 lb (308.4 kg)
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Power Broom (78596)

NEW 55" (139.7 cm) Power Broom designed to tackle sidewalks and clear snow and debris down to the pavement.

Additional Parts required. (If you already have the BOSS plow attachment you will only need part # 78601.)
High-Flow Hydraulics Kit (Toro) - part # 78601
Low-Flow Hydraulics Kit (Boss) - part # MSC13950
Triangle Attachment Plate (Toro) - part # 136-0513

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Light Kit

The lights easily mount to the mower frame and wiring quickly connects to the existing accessory circuit.

Part # 107-9880 – 7000 Series and Z100-Z500
Part # 116-1154 – G3 and 3000/5000/6000 Series
Part # 130-8469 – 8000 Series Direct Collect Z
Part # 114-3505 – All Grandstands (2015 models and prior)
Part # 133-1437 – All Grandstands (2016 models)
Part # 133-1495 – All Grandstands (2016 models)

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