• Convenient Mobile Access – The free ProMax Connect app offers water managers access to DXi controllers from anywhere, anytime.

  • Build to Order – Comes in a variety of configurations, from multiple enclosure options, to multiple irrigation methods: conventional, 2-wire or hybrid.

  • Multiple Communication Options – Including cellular. Cellular communication kits include 10-years of service with no initial service subscription.

  • Range of Functionality – DXi offers a wide range of functionality, from basic irrigation scheduling to ET, Flow-Sharing and Flow Management.

Toro DXi Central Control Satellite is a single powerful hardware platform capable of supporting two powerful software packages, Rain Master® Laguna™ or Sentinel® Water Management Software (WMS). DXi comes loaded with features to make precise water management convenient and flexible. Cloud-Based Data Management simplifies irrigation management with access from anywhere, anytime. Enhanced Features and new precision irrigation management capabilities make water management, scheduling and monitoring adaptable to site specific or user specific needs. And the Future Ready hardware platform means the DXi can accommodate new innovation and changing site needs quickly and economically.

  • Power
    Input power: 100-120VAC, 50/60HZ • Output power: 24VAC, 2.75 amps max total draw @ 140°F (60°C), 2.5
  • Dimensions
    PWM: H:23” W:19” D:8” • SWM: H:23” W:19” D:9” • SPED: H:35” W:16” D:14” • PSB: H:38” W:16” D:15.5” • DPSB: H:38” W:24” D:17” • PPED: H:35” W:16” D:14”
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