• Efficient and Effective — The fully-assembled PRN Shrub & Slope Kit features a Precision™ Series Rotating Nozzle, which delivers a matched precipitation rate of 0.6” per hour; a 570ZSXF Shrub Riser with integrated water-saving X-Flow® Technology; and a Precision™ Check Valve that provides up to 15 feet of check height.

  • Water-Saving Features — The patented X-Flow® Technology built into the Shrub Riser prevents water waste by virtually eliminating the flow of water through the riser in the event the nozzle is removed. The spring-actuated Precision™ Check Valve provides an immediate check at system shut-off and eliminates low head drainage – a critical need in slope settings.

  • Flexibility of Design — Available with an Adjustable Arc nozzle that allows arc adjustments from 45° to 270°, or a 360° Full Circle nozzle, the PRN Shrub & Slope Kit is capable of meeting the details of any layout.

The new Toro® Precision™ Series Rotating Nozzle Shrub & Slope Kit is the ideal tool for delivering efficient irrigation in above-ground settings, such as slopes, shrub beds, and grow nurseries. Pre-assembled out of the box, the kit features a highly-efficient Precision™ Rotating Nozzle, 570ZSXF Shrub Riser, and 15’ Precision™ Check Valve. The kit has a universal ½” NPT female inlet, making it a go-to solution for both new installs and retrofit projects.

  • Radius
    14-26 feet (max radius at 75 psi operating pressure)
  • Recommended Operating Pressure
    45 psi
  • Maximum Operating Pressure
    75 psi
  • Minimum Operating Pressure
    40 psi
  • Inlet
    ½” NPT Female inlet
  • Body Height
    Check height: up to 15 feet
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