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  • 54" (137cm) Aeration Width
  • Up to 10" (25.4 cm) Depth Capacity
  • Equally Balanced On Two Rollers
  • Dual Chain Drive

The maximum in performance and efficiency, the new, lightweight SR54-S offers the smooth, superior punching power of the SR54 with the ability to follow undulations. The SR54-S is equally balanced on two rollers allowing for less ground pressure on the playing surface.

Adjustable Soil Fracturing Capabilities

There are multiple positions available to adjust the soil fracturing movement of the tines. This allows you to adjust and control this motion to your desired application.

Coring and Solid Tines

There are many coring and solid tines available to cover a wide variety of cultivation practices.

Dual Roller Design

Equally balanced on two rollers for less ground pressure, the “S” models feature fixed tine depths and come standard with a spring loaded manual top link for superior ground following on undulations.

Easy Hook-Up and Operation

All of the deep-tine models utilize a standard 3-point hitch hook-up and are powered from the PTO.

Heavy-Duty Design

These robust machines are capable of withstanding extreme aeration conditions. The heavy-duty design includes an oversized gearbox, heavy-duty bearings, crank arms and chains, allowing you to operate in the toughest conditions.

Precision Design

The crankshaft, tine arms and frame are perfectly aligned allowing for superior performance and long life. With its fast, efficient performance and innovative design, the deep-tine aerators are able to run smoothly at all depths, relieving pressure-packed soil with superior hole quality.

Superior Punching Power

The leverage of the aerator allows the weight to be placed directly over the point of impact, enabling lightweight units to do heavyweight jobs while reducing shock and wear and tear on the machines.

  • Aerating Depth
    1" - 10" (25-250 mm)
  • Aerating Width
    54" (1.37 meters)
  • Aeration Speed
    1.5 - 2.5 MPH (2.4 to 4.0 KPH) @ 400 PTO rpm (varies with hole spacing)
  • Hole Spacing
    2.5" - 4" (64-102 mm)
  • Lift Capacity
    1,500 lbs. (682 kg)
  • Lift System
    Standard 3-point
  • Productivity
    36,000 square feet per hour (3,345 square meters per hour)
  • Recommended Counter Weight
    150 lbs. (70 kg)
  • Tractor PTO
    400-500 RPM
  • Tractor Size
    18 HP (13.4 KW)
  • Weight
    1,250 lbs. (567 kg) with PTO and Top Link
Rear Smoothing Roller

The optional rear smoothing roller helps smooth out turf imperfections while performing solid tine aeration.

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Data Sheet ProCore SR Series Sell Sheet English PDF
Data Sheet ProCore SR Series Sell Sheet English PDF

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