• Vanguard® 16 hp (11.9 kW) V-Twin 4-Cycle Gas Engine
  • 2-Wheel Drive
  • Foot Pedal Control, Forward/Reverse
  • 0 - 11 mph (0 - 18 kph) Forward, 4 mph (6 kph) Reverse

Whether raking, edging, spiking or grading, the Sand Pro® 2020 model delivers plenty of power and productivity day in and day out. This reliable base model comes in 2-wheel drive only.

Power Packed Engine

The trusted Vanguard® engine is fuel efficient, runs cooler and features a fully pressurized oil lubrication system for longer life.

Deluxe Air Filtration

The Sand Pro® 2020 features two complete air filtration systems, a standard engine air filter plus a remote mounted 3-phase Donaldson® air cleaner. The result: cleaner air intake keeps sand out of the engine and keeps your Sand Pro® running longer.

Attachment Ease

The hydraulic lift makes it quicker and easier to operate attachments. Adjustable down pressure or float position help you get the most from grooming tools.

  • Engine
    16 hp (12 kW) Vanguard® 4 cycle
  • Fuel Capacity
    4.25 gal (16 L)
  • Ground Speed
    0 - 11 mph (0 - 18 kph)
  • Height
    45" (1.1 cm)
  • Length
    63" (1.6 m)
  • Traction Drive
    2 wheel drive
  • Weight
    650 lbs. (295 kg)
  • Warranty
    2-year limited warranty
  • Width
    58" (1.5 m)

Use with either the Tooth Rake or Spring Rake to loosen or weed before raking. Also levels sand to eliminate bumps or washboarding.

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Tooth Rake

Raking depth is adjustable to desired play. Combine with Spring Rake for a professional finish.

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Spring Rake

Provides superior surface grooming and floatability. Consider combining with the Tooth Rake.

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Finish Grader

Designed for renovation and construction of turf areas.

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Drag Mat

Keystone drag mat with transport stands. Used in conjuction with hitch kit to drag topdressing and aeration cores on sports fields.

58" (147 cm) Spiker

Spikes cleanly without ruffling turf. Hydraulic down pressure system helps penetrate compacted soil.

40" (101.6 cm) Dozer Blade

Ideal for renovation after washout, landscaping or new construction. Shapes ground with minimal effort. A 60" (152 cm) blade is also available.