• Fits 16, 17 & 18mm OD Hose and Dripline

  • 1 Fitting – 3 Tubing Sizes – Save Time!

  • Superior Retention Strength

  • Ergonomic Collars Reduce Fatigue

Loc-Eze™ drip fittings are a much more ergonomic alternative to traditional compression and insert barb fittings. Loc-Eze fittings also offer exceptional retention strength and are great for both new and existing systems alike. As the Loc-Eze name suggests, these fittings will fit the three most common dripline and drip hose sizes from most major manufacturers (16, 17, and 18 mm outer diameter), including Toro Drip In® and DL2000™. This universal fit makes them particularly great for repairs and system expansions–contractors can work on an existing ½” drip tubing system without risking a mismatch between fitting and tubing size.

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