• Quad-Steer™ True All-Wheel Steering
  • All Season Permanent Safety Cab with AC/Heating
  • Kubota® 36 hp (26.8 kW), 4-Cylinder, Liquid-Cooled Diesel Engine
  • 72" (183 cm) Width of Cut in either Side Discharge, Rear Discharge, or Guardian® Recycler® Configuration

The all-new Toro® Groundsmaster® 360 Quad-Steer™ 4WD with All Season Safety Cab reinvents the way a mower performs. Powered by a 36 hp (26.8 kW) Kubota® 4-cylinder diesel engine, this machine utilizes revolutionary Quad-Steer™ all wheel steering to maximize productivity. Climb hills without slipping. Make 180° turns without tearing turf. Hug the turns or side hills while mowing in total comfort.

Groundsmaster® 360 Quad-Steer™ 4WD with All Season Safety Cab Models can be configured with one of the following decks:

72" (183 cm) side discharge (model 30540)
72" (183 cm) base deck (model 30542) which can be set up as either a rear discharge deck or Guardian® Recycler® deck

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All-Wheel Steering

The Groundsmaster® 360 features Quad-Steer™, true, all-wheel steering to achieve unmatched manueverability, control and performance. This is the most innovative steering geometry ever offered in a cutting machine. We guarantee you've never driven a mower like this before.

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Operator Comfort

Controls placed at your fingertips, exceptional line of sight forward, to the sides and rear-ward and comfortable seating.The Groundmaster® 360 is designed with optimal operator comfort in mind. Even after hours of driving, you won't want to quit.

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Great Traction, No Turf Tear

A wider track, combined with a hydrostatic drive system offers exceptional stability and control, even on hillsides. With the Groundsmaster® 360 there is no turf tearing when making sharp turns. *Always use caution when driving and avoid unsafe terrain.

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Convenience and Efficiency

The Groundsmaster® 360 is a more productive cutting tool than anything you've ever owned. Not only does it cut faster, it offers maintenance and attachment efficiencies that help operators do more jobs than just cutting grass.

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Durable Engine and Deck

The Groundsmaster® 360 comes with the durability you've come to expect from Toro®. From the engine to the superior deck construction, you can count on years of performance.

  • Engine
    Kubota® 1505 4-cylinder, liquid-cooled diesel engine, 36 hp (26.8 kW) @ 3000 rpm
  • Fuel Capacity
    13.5 gallons (51.1 liters) diesel. Biodiesel Ready for use up to B-20 (20% biodiesel and 80% diesel blend)
  • Mowing Speed
    Forward 0-14 mph (0-22.5 km/h), variable. Reverse 0-8.5 mph (0-13.7 km/h), variable
  • Transport Speed
    Forward 0-14 mph (0-22.5 km/h), variable. Reverse 0-8.5 mph (0-13.7 km/h), variable
  • Weight
    3,134 lbs. (1422 kg)
  • Warranty
    Two-year limited warranty
  • Width
    78” (198 cm) [72” (183 cm) base deck] / 75” (191 cm) [72” (183 cm) side discharge deck] / 55” (140 cm) track
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48" (122 cm) V-Plow

Add year round versatility to your Groundsmaster® with a 48" (122 cm) V-Plow to push snow or dirt out of your way. Front QAS required.

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Snowthrower 53" (134.6 cm) Width

The 2-stage snowthrower with adjustable skids includes electric chute rotation and replaceable scraper blades. Manufactured by Erskine Attachments™. Front QAS required.

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Rotary Broom - 60" (152 cm) Width

The rotary broom sweeps parking areas, walkways and turf of dirt, leaves and snow. Front QAS required.

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Snow Blade - 60" (152 cm) Width

Add year-round versatility to your Groundmaster® 360 with a Snow Blade to push snow out of your way. Manufactured and marketed by M-B Companies. Front QAS required.

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100" Articulating Cutting Deck

Increase your acres per hour mowing capacity up to 38% over a typical 72” deck by using a 100” wide deck. Mounts to any Groundsmaster® 360 mower with a 35 hp or larger engine. This 5-blade cutting deck system is PTO-driven and consists of a center deck with three, 18” cutting blades and two wing decks, each with a single, 25” cutting blade.

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Guardian® Recycler® - 72" (183 cm) Side Deck

Save time and increase productivity with this patented vertical discharge system.Time-consuming collection and disposal of clippings is completely eliminated. Plus, with no discharge chute, safety is improved. (72-inch (183 cm) side discharge deck models only).

Leaf Mulching Kit - 72" (183 cm) Side Deck

Mounts to the deck to pulverize fallen leaves into fine mulch (72-inch (183 cm) side discharge deck models only).

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Atomic® Mulching Blade - 72" (183 cm) Side Deck

Atomic® mulching blades feature an aggressive "tooth" design that shreds grass and leaves into small particles (72-inch (183 cm) side discharge deck models only).

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Completion Kits - 72" (183 cm) Base Deck

1 of 3 different completion kits required with 72" (183 cm) base completes base deck as either Guardian® Recycler® or Rear Discharge model decks.

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Road Light Kit

North America Road Light Kit includes headlights, red/amber flashers and turn signals.

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Front Quick Attach System™ (QAS) 4WD Only

With the Front Quick Attach System™ (QAS), anyone can switch from one attachment to another in less than a minute, with no tools required! The QAS allows you to do more with less, and get the job done faster.

Speed Reduction Kit

Mow speed can be limited with an optional speed limiter that automatically reduces mow speeds to 8 - 10 mph.

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