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  • Cuts hard to reach sloped areas without tearing the turf
  • 57-160cc Honda® Gas Engine
  • 16-21" (40-53cm) Cutting Width - 0.7-1.2" (18-30 mm) Height of Cut
  • Models: HoverPro 400, 450, 550

Rides on a cushion of air in order to get hard to cut areas cleanly, without tearing the turf, giving a well-manicured finish. Delivers a superb finish for large and small applications.

Series Models:

  • HoverPro 400 - 16" (40 cm) Cutting Width
  • HoverPro 450 - 18" (46 cm) Cutting Width
  • HoverPro 550 - 21" (53 cm) Cutting Width

Strong Deck

Exceptionally strong and lightweight ABS injection-molded deck.


Better control and greater stability in extreme conditions and difficult cutting areas.


High power-to-weight ratio (comparable to 2-stroke engines) thanks to weight-conscious engineering.

State-of-the-art Impeller

HoverPro 450 and 550 feature an industry leading 14” (35.5 cm) impeller for maximum lift and smoother mowing.

  • Engine
    57-160cc Honda® Gas Engine
  • Cutting Width
    16” - 21” (40 - 53 cm)
  • Height of Cut
    0.7-1.2" (18 - 30mm)
  • Weight
    27.5 - 42 lbs (12.5 - 19 kg)
  • Warranty Two-year limited warranty. Refer to operator’s manual for further details.

    For complete product warranty information contact Toro Customer Service

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Hi-Rise Kit

Increases the height of cut by 1.2" (35mm). Suitable for HoverPro 400 & 450 models. Ideal for operations facing longer grass lengths

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Transport Wheels

Detachable wheels for easy site-to-site transport. Can also be latched out of position when mowing. Suitable for HoverPro 450 and 550 models.

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Extension Handles

Provides additional length to the existing handle-bars – ideal when working on slopes and other challenging areas.

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Swing-Tip Blade

Optional swing-tip blade for use on the Hover Pro 450 provides the benefits of both a trim wire and a traditional metal cutting blade with three rotating cutting knifes on a circular disk.

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