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  • High-flow vacuum provides superior cleaning of synthetic turf fields
  • Effectively removes and collects hair, dust and other fine particles
  • Decompacts and grooms synthetic surfaces for improved playing conditions and field appearance
  • Highly productive: 189,875 square feet per hour (17,640 square meters per hour) at 7.5 mph (12 km/h)

Regular cleaning of synthetic turf is necessary to keep playing surfaces draining properly, in optimal playing condition and maximize their useful life. The Bullseye FieldClean 580 utilizes a row of spring tines that first loosen infill materials, embedded debris, hair and other fine materials up to a depth of 1” (2.5 cm). A highly effective, counter-rotating synthetic brush then lifts the debris and top layer of infill material from the turf and onto the adjustable angle vibrating sieve, allowing infill material to return to the field surface while debris, dust and hair are collected. The rear brush re-incorporates the infill material and leaves a freshly groomed surface.

Superior Cleaning of Synthetic Turf

Loosens and effectively and cleans the infill, returning cleaned material to the playing surface, separating and removing large debris into a hopper for disposal.

High-Flow Vacuum

Increases cleaning effectiveness by removing and collecting hair, dust and other fine particles in a removable and washable vacuum bag.

Decompacts and Grooms Playing

For improved playing conditions and field appearance.

Cleaning Depth and Aggressiveness Set By Field Manager

Separate spring tine and brush depth adjustments provide consistent results from pass to pass.

Clean on Your Schedule

High productivity allows you to quickly clean your fields whenever needed.

  • Height
    46.5” (118.1 cm)
  • Hopper Capacity
    6.0 cu. ft. (170 liters)
  • Length
    53.6” (136.1 cm)
  • Processing Width
    58.3” (147 cm)
  • Productivity
    189,875 square feet per hour (17,640 square meters per hour) at 7.5 mph (12 km/h).
  • Tractor Size
    25 hp (18.6 Kw) with minimum lifting capacity of 1,323 lbs (600.1 kg), and category 1 three-point connection.
  • Weight
    1,135 lbs. (514.8 kg)
  • Width
    67.8” (172.2 cm)
  • Warranty One-year limited warranty. Refer to the Operator’s Manual for further details.

    For complete product warranty information contact Toro Customer Service

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Data Sheet Bullseye FieldClean 580 Sell Sheet English PDF

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