• Large capacity bucket

Designed for moving light materials like chipbark, mulch, snow and loam. The larger capacity bucket, 6.4 cubic feet (.2 cu. m.), is great for handling larger loads of lighter materials. The hardened steel cutting edge allows for improved cutting and digging capability for better performance to handle tough digging conditions and affords superior wear.

6.4 Cubic Feet (.2 Cubic Metre) Capacity

Carry mulch, snow or light debris. Great for cleanup.

Hardened Steel Cutting Edge

The long lasting edge extends the life of the bucket and keeps the cutting edge uniform.

  • Capacity
    6.4 ft (0.18 m) (SAE struck)
  • Height
    18.0" (46 cm)
  • Length
    26.0" (66 cm)
  • Weight
    175 lbs (79 Kg)
  • Width
    48.0" (122 cm)