Toro equipment is designed and built to deliver years of dependable performance. To help protect your investment against unplanned repairs, Toro offers a comprehensive warranty program for its underground customers. With the option of choosing between one and two-year extended warranty plans backed by Toro, you are assured to receive the quality of service you are accustomed to. For complete descriptions of the terms, conditions and exclusions, please contact your dealer.

Budget Protection - Avoid uncontrollable expenses to your maintenance budget. Toro Underground Extended Warranty gives you a known cost for unplanned expenses making your budget more predictable.

Comprehensive Protection - With coverage similar to the standard warranty, extend your protection to up to three years from date of purchase. Each plan is also backed by Toro and delivered to you by your authorized service dealer.

Toro Genuine Parts and Service - Your plan will be honored at any authorized Toro service distributor worldwide. Any repairs made under your plan will be made by qualified Toro technicians using Toro Genuine Parts.

Financing - The plan can be bundled with your equipment financing into a monthly payment, and the coverage extends your protection through the financing term.

Transferable - Coverage follows the machine, thus helping improve the resale value of your asset.

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