Groundsmaster 5900 and 5910

Lower Operating Costs

31% Better Fuel Economy

The Tier 4 Compliant engine maximizes power while consuming 31% less fuel than the previous Tier 3 model.

EnergySmart Efficiency


Unmatched Productivity

Mows 20.8 Acres/Hour

One Groundsmaster 5900 has the equivalent production of two 11 ft mowers or four 6 ft out front rotaries.

Powerful Tier 4 Engine

0" Uncut Circle

Flexible Cutting Width

Cutting Decks Built To Take A Beating

HybridDrive™ Cutting Deck System

Belts transfer power more efficiently than hydraulic motors while adding a layer of protection against hydraulic failures. Large diameter spindle housing dissipates impact loads, and dual tapered roller bearings last up to six times longer than ball bearings.

Cutting Deck Protection

Heavy Duty Spindle

Maximum Uptime

All Time Traction Assist

CrossTrax® all-wheel drive system offers increased cross wheel traction control.

eFan Cooling System


Operator Comfort

All Season Safety Cab

The optional, factory installed, permanent safety cab protects the operator with a four-post rollover protection structure (ROPS), tempered safety glass, and climate controlled environment including both air conditioning and heater.


Reduced Operator Vibration