With myTurf you will be able to order parts online 24x7 from your Toro Distributor; track your entire fleet online; Toro and non-Toro; access the latest manuals; catalogs; bulletins and product training; get automatic alerts when service is due; easily create and manage Work Orders; view cost reports, and much, much more. All in an easy to use system anyone can use!
Order Parts
Order Parts
  • Easy 1-2-3 ordering process
  • Graphical display lets you find part numbers just by seeing and clicking
  • Shopping lists make it easier to re-order
Reports & Forecast
Reports & Forecast
  • Sort the list by any category (make, model, serial number, tracking number, etc.)
  • Enter Toro and non-Toro equipment
  • Enter hours or receive them automatically from a Wireless Hour Meter
  • Print an equipment fleet asset report
Track Local Weather
  • By clicking on Closed Work Orders you can see your WO history
  • Clicking on Print will give you a full cost summary for that unit
  • Notice it is broken out by Preventive Maintenance & Repairs and by Labor & Parts cost. And at the bottom is your total cost for planning or comparison purposes.
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myTurf is a state of the art, comprehensive and easy to use Fleet Management system – all online available 24x7.