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Toro Groundsmaster® 360 Quad-Steer™

Seriously advancing the way you cut grass.

Toro Groundsmaster 360® Quad-Steer™


All Wheel Steering

The Groundsmaster 360 features Quad-Steer, true, all-wheel steering to achieve unmatched maneuverability, control and performance. This is the most innovative steering geometry ever offered in a cutting machine. We guarantee you’ve never driven a mower like this before.

Steering Geometry

Turn sharp and never tear turf. Easily get into tight spaces and trim around obstacles, without shifting into reverse. The deck literally cuts around a single blade of grass, so you’ll do more cutting and less trimming, saving valuable time.

Transport Mode

Drive on-road with speed and control. The 4WD option features a unique steering lockout system that locks the rear wheels straight, while allowing the front wheels to steer like a car. This allows the operator to drive at higher road speeds while maintaining maximum control.

Ergonomic Design

Controls placed at your fingertips, exceptional line of sight forward, to the sides and rearward and comfortable seating. The Groundsmaster 360 is designed with optimal operator comfort in mind. Even after hours of driving, you won’t want to quit.

Operator Controls

The position of controls makes it easy to perform tasks.

Comfortable Seat

The seat position and isolation suspension mounting reduces stress on the operators back and shoulders.

Exceptional Visibility

The operator has optimal visibility looking forward, to the sides and to the rear, resulting in better ergonomics and higher productivity.

Storage Amenities

Ample storage for rain gear and provisions will keep operators comfortable and satisfied all day long.

Sound Isolation

The cab version offers complete platform isolation for reduced noise and vibration.

Temperature Control

The cab version includes heat and air conditioning as a standard feature.

Great Traction, No Turf Tear

A wider wheelbase, combined with a hydrostatic drive system offers exceptional stability and control, even on hillsides. Both ZTRs and OFRs will create a dirt ring due to tearing of the turf when trimming around trees. With the Groundsmaster 360 there is no turf tearing when making sharp turns. We dare you to take this mower to your most challenging terrain.*
*Always use caution when driving and avoid unsafe terrain.

Wheel Motor Drive

Minimal slip, even on hills. The traction circuit design utilizes independent wheel motors to drive the tires in both 2WD and 4WD configurations. It’s not the cheapest approach, but it offers the best possible traction and control.

Automatic Speed Control (ASC)

During turns the Quad Steer all wheel steering uses ASC to modulate ground speed, maintaining control while eliminating turf damage.

Hydrostatic Drive System

A unique dual pump hydrostatic drive system effectively applies engine force to the wheels. The series/parallel traction system on the 4WD models includes the Cross Trax Traction Circuit, which means the wheels maintain exceptional traction in all conditions.*
*Always use caution when driving and avoid unsafe terrain.

Wider Wheel Base

A wider wheelbase and low center of gravity make the Groundsmaster 360 incredibly stable on hills and side slopes. It also makes the ride more comfortable so you can drive faster while cutting and transporting.

Differential Locking System

The 2WD version has an optional electro-hydraulic differential lock, giving the operator added traction, if necessary.

Convenience and Efficiency

The Groundsmaster 360 is a more productive cutting tool than anything you’ve ever owned. Not only does it cut faster, it offers maintenance and attachment efficiencies that help operators do more jobs beyond just cutting grass.

Quick Attach System (QAS)

The 4WD version has an optional quick attach system for front attachments, allowing change over by one person in less than a minute.


Access to air and oil filters is easy, along with electrical system fuses.

Ease of Operation

The Groundsmaster 360 is incredibly easy to operate, which means less time training your crew. No longer do you have to worry that your new operators will be tearing the turf because they make sharp turns at high speeds.

Durable Engine and Deck

The Groundsmaster 360 comes with the durability you’ve come to expect from Toro. From the Kubota engine to the superior deck construction, you can count on years of performance.

Kubota Engine

The Groundsmaster 360 comes with a 36 hp (26kW) Kubota 4-cylinder diesel engine. Powerful enough for any job.

Efficient Cooling

A unique hood design directs airflow from both the rear section of the hood screen and from the top of the screen via a plenum system. This design allows better airflow to the radiator in all conditions. Additionally, the radiator is designed with larger fin spacing to allow dirt and debris to pass through and not get stuck in the fins.

Rugged Deck

Built with 7 gauge (4.5mm) high-strength steel and a sturdy bull nose construction on the front cutting edge, the Groundsmaster 360 is a true workhorse.

Toughest Spindle Available

Unbeatable 9.375” (23.8cm) diameter cast iron spindle housing and 1.25” (3.175cm) solid steel shaft with roller bearings. The toughest on the market.