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Toro bedknives perform better when compared to will-fit parts. Through advanced techniques and exhaustive test findings, results point to the superior quality of Toro bedknives. Toro focuses on the physical characteristics of every bedknife, including flatness and true position of the chamfered mounting holes. How these features work together is essential to your bedknife operating success.

Superior Manufacturing Quality

Toro bedknives are carefully manufactured with the same rigid specifications and superior materials as our original equipment, assuring you of continued reliable performance with every replacement bedknife. Each knife is designed by Toro engineers to fit a specific application and meet strict Toro standards.

Toro Manufacturing Process Assures:

  • Hole alignment consistent on every bedknife
  • Certified and trackable steel coils
  • Computer-controlled machining and finishing
  • Superior reputation of engineering experts

Test Results Show Toro is the Best

The latest competitive analyses show that competitors A and B fail in over 50% of Toro quality specifications standards. Competitors may use identical part numbers and claim to be offering Toro original parts, but this is simply not true. No other company guarantees its parts as strongly as Toro. Choose Toro original parts and be assured you are getting what you paid for.

Learn more about the value of Toro Bedknives and how the will-fit version measured up.

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