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Riding Mowers & Tractors
Glossary & Definitions
Air Filter Delivers a clean air supply to the carburetor to help keep the engine running efficiently. It requires customer maintenance to keep the engine running efficiently. 
Attach-A-Matic® System This Toro-patented system allows you to attach cutting decks and other attachments to your tractor without using tools! Save yourself both time and frustration as you quickly and easily prepare your tractor for its next job.
Cast Iron Front Axle For almost 50 years Wheel Horse has used cast iron front axles. Unlike stamped steel, these have continually proven themselves to have the strength to stand up to the toughest of conditions and to be able to support even the heaviest of attachments.
Choke Richens the fuel/air mix to make starting a cold engine easier; not used for starting once the engine is warm.
Cruise Control This device allows you to set a speed and maintain that speed without applying pressure to the motion control pedal. This feature allows you to get work done with both efficiency and comfort.
Dial-A-Height A feature that controls the cutting height on the deck and permits adjusting operating height or depth of selected. 
Electric Start A battery-powered starter motor that starts a gas-powered engine without pulling on a cord.
Ergonomics Design factors intended to maximize productivity by minimizing operator fatigue and discomfort. Toro Wheel Horse has designed its riding products with you in mind!
4-Ply Rated Tires The higher a tire's ply rating the more durable and puncture resistant it will be. With our heavy-duty four-ply rated tires, your work won't be slowed down by a flat.
HOC - Height of Cut The height that the blade is elevated above the ground line.
Kilowatts (Horsepower) A unit for measuring the power of an engine. An engine with higher rated killowatts (horsepower) improves the smoothness and performance of the tractor under load and ensures adequate power for operating larger attachments. 
Hour Meter A gauge that lets you know how long the engine in your tractor has been in use. This gauge allows you to measure your productivity and schedule maintenance.
Hydro Gear Transmission An automatic transmission for tractors allows for continuously variable speed control in forward and reverse; there is no need to shift which allows you to focus on the task at hand.
KeyChoice® A safety feature that is exclusive to Wheel Horse products. This system improves the safety of our tractors without diminishing their performance. The KeyChoice system allows the operator to choose to mow or operate attachments while in reverse when he or she is absolutely certain that it is safe to do so (i.e. there are no children in the area).
OPEI Outdoor Power Equipment Institute. OPEI is an international trade association whose members manufacture powered lawn and garden maintenance products. The Institute promotes the proper use of outdoor power equipment, and serves as a link between the industry and the public.
Over Head Valves Valves are located above the cylinder bore in the cylinder head near the spark plug. This allows more efficient movement of the air and fuel into the combustion chamber resulting in a cleaner, more fuel-efficient engine.
PTO An acronym for "Power Take-Off". This feature allows you to use the power of your tractor engine to drive attachments such as a snow thrower or a tiller.
Recycler System This Toro-patented mulching system cuts and recuts grass into fine particles and injects them into your lawn where they form a mulch. This eliminates bagging time and waste. The finely cut clippings add nitrogen to the soil as they quickly decompose, reducing the need for fertilizer. All Toro Recycler decks include a washout port for easy clean up.
Shift-On-the-Go The shift-on-the-go feature (XL Series gear drive models) allows the transmission to shift while the tractor is moving There is no need to stop to make gear changes. This saves you time and allows you to work more smoothly.
Synchro-Balanced Engine An internal auxiliary balanced system in Briggs & Stratton engines. This reduces engine vibration and makes for a more pleasurable ride.
Two-Stage Snowthrower A two-stage snowthrower adds a spinning impeller behind the auger to boost its' throwing capacity.
Turning Radius The smaller the turning radius of your tractor the tighter the turn. Wheel Horse tractors consistently have a tighter turning radius than the competition, allowing you to cut closer to trees, shrubs and gardens for precision mowing on even the most elaborate landscapes.
V Twin Twin cylinders are arranged in a "V" configuration instead of in an "opposed" or "in line" configuration. This reduces engine vibration making for a more comfortable ride.
Zero Turning Radius Toro's zero turning radius transaxle provides superior maneuverability and trimmability to save you valuable time. The rear wheels operate independently providing both power and steering control. So one wheel can spin full ahead while the other spins full reverse. This allows you to make 360 degree turns.

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