Superior Course Map Editing and Creation

Another exciting standard feature of the The Toro® Lynx Control System is the superior functionality it has to edit your current map, or even create your own course map. This standard system feature allows you not only to use an interactive map of your course to help you program and control your irrigation system, but to update the map as your course changes.

Setting up your map is simple, and it's extremely easy to add and place system components. Your course is dynamic and so is your map. You can effortlessly make edits so that the map stays current as your course changes.

  • Your fully interactive map irrigation layer can be created
    using any digital image such as an aerial photo of your course
    for the map background.
  • System provides full support for a CAD-generated map.
  • Add, drag, drop and assign sprinklers, satellites,
    Turf Guard® wireless soil monitoring sensors and switches
    to their exact locations on the map irrigation layer.
  • Edit and easily add to the irrigation layer as needed when
    system changes are made.
The robust course map functionality gives you a simple, bird's-eye view of everything on your course, and also allows you to control irrigation activities from one place.

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Course Mapping

Create your own irrigation map using an aerial image of
your course. Program, operate and get feedback from
the system all from the map.

Course Mapping

Edit your map irrigation layer in Lynx so the map can easily
change along with your course.