Essential System Information
Combined into a Single Interface

The Toro® Lynx Control System has a distinct user interface that sets new standards for usability, by intuitively combining all essential system information in one place. The system's Dynamic Drilldown capability allows for an at-a-glance assessment of only the information (alerts, scheduled watering and more) you need at the time, and information is intuitively presented to make acting on decisions quicker and easier.

  • Lynx consolidates course management activities
    into a quick, easy workflow.
  • Efficiency and productivity are enhanced because
    you have instant access to the information needed
    to make watering decisions.
  • System immediately shows what ran the previous night,
    allowing you to quickly set the next day's work priorities.
  • Information view can be easily adapted to each situation
    and you can quickly navigate to a range of information
    through the 'Favorites' menu. Choose how to organize the
    menu so the areas you use are only one click away.

The simplicity and intuitive functionality offered through the complete Lynx system also make it very easy to train staff on how to use it, freeing up your time to think about other course needs.

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Easy Navigation

Lynx makes it easy to run your irrigation system manually
using the course map, Dynamic Drilldown of programs,
manual irrigation screen, your handheld radio or a smartphone.

Easy Navigation

The Projected Flow view shows you areas that will be
watered and how much will be applied. Lynx will also
show you where you can reduce usage and by how much.