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The Toro® Lynx Control System was developed specifically to help you address the unique demands and priorities you face every day. This smart new system gives you intuitive control over what happens on your golf course, making it quick and easy to implement your management decisions.

The Lynx System helps you to:

  • Optimally manage your water and resources
  • Find more time in your day for other tasks
  • Maximize your course playability and aesthetics
  • Control your costs for water, utilities and labor

The Lynx system conveniently combines all of your essential irrigation information in a single, intuitive interface, where it's always readily available. You can instantly access relevant course management information-past, present or planned-from multiple sources, including weather stations, pump stations, electrical systems, sprinklers, intelligent field controllers and Toro® Turf Guard® wireless soil sensors.

That unprecedented level of integrated, useful information empowers you to make better choices about what your course needs at all times. By eliminating guesswork, Lynx lets you get your jobs done more quickly, more easily and above all, more effectively. As a result, you're able to irrigate most efficiently-saving time, reducing labor costs and even lowering your electricity usage.

The system is very expandable to accommodate future changes, and because Lynx is from Toro, you know it's a top-quality product designed for golf, and backed by the 24/7 support of Toro's exclusive National Support Network.

For complete functionality, easy navigation, and the many user benefits of intuitive decision-making, you've never seen anything like the Toro Lynx Control System.

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