Instant Creation of New Irrigation Programs

The Toro® Lynx Control System has an Instant Program function that allows you to easily create new irrigation programs. Using simple check-box selection and Dynamic Drilldown views, you're able to quickly set up your system and effortlessly designate pre-set or customized water distribution based on entire areas of your course, specific holes or even individual sprinkler heads.

  • Create customized programs based on how your course is set up.
  • Programs can be made to include large areas of the course,
    but can exclude certain holes, or even specific sprinklers,
    in places that need less frequent watering.
  • You can easily access programs within the Irrigation Schedule
    for use when conducting scheduled irrigation.
  • All programs can be accessed from the field using either
    a handheld radio or smartphone for manual operation.
    Turn on an entire area, selected holes or individual sprinklers.
Lynx gives you a fast, accurate way to set up your system to put water exactly where you want it, and then allows you to make edits as your course conditions change.

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Program Creation

Creating seasonal and specialized irrigation programs is as
simple as naming the program, selecting sprinkler heads
to use and hitting the 'Apply' button.