Unequaled Integration with Other
Turf Management Components

The Toro® Lynx® Control System offers unequaled integration with other turf management components. That level of integration makes it possible for you to have the complete information needed to support your irrigation decisions.

Other irrigation system components which can be
seamlessly integrated with Lynx include:

  • Field hardware
  • Pump stations
  • Weather stations
  • Sprinklers
  • Electrical systems
  • Smartphones
  • Toro® Turf Guard® Wireless Soil Monitoring System
Turf Guard information is accessible directly from Lynx, so you can check moisture, salinity and temperature readings from within your irrigation control software. Your own user-defined moisture thresholds can be set to provide notification as to whether or not an area needs water. The irrigation schedule will show you the current moisture levels from your Turf Guard sensors on the course, allowing you to confirm when and where irrigation is needed now.

Integration with an ITT Flowtronex® pump system with Pace™ enables the exclusive Power Guard feature in Lynx to track, report and manage power consumption. Manage your electrical usage more efficiently than ever before. The total system integration provided by Lynx improves your abilities to manage, because it allows you to access real-time information instantly. That means you won't have to rely on guesswork or waste time scrambling for the answers you need.

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System Integration

Turf Guard soil moisture, salinity and temperature information is available directly in Lynx. See the results of your irrigation scheduling in the root zone, where it counts most.

System Integration

With Lynx, the localized weather forecast is one click away. Past, current and forecasted weather are all brought together to give you an edge.

System Integration

Exclusive Power Guard feature shows actual pump station power consumption and profiles your usage to work within electric company guidelines.