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Topic: Dingo (Wheeled)

How do I obtain a replacement owner's manual or parts catalog?

Toro parts are only available from your local LCE Authorized Toro Dealer. To locate the dealer closest to you please click here

Where can I look at a parts list for my Toro?

Click on Master PartsViewer to view the illustrated parts list for your mower. You will need your model and serial number to accurately locate your model.

Where can I purchase Toro parts?

Toro parts are only available from your local LCE Authorized Toro Dealer. To locate the dealer closest to you please click here

Why won't my dingo start?

Verify the following:

  • Fuel tank is full
  • Choke is in the on position
  • Air Filter is clean
  • Spark plug is in good condition and connected securely
  • Fuel filter is clean
  • Fuel is clean. (Stale fuel, dirt or water in the fuel system can cause starting issues)
  • Hydraulic Lever is in the neutral position.
  • Throttle lever is midway between slow (turtle) and (fast) positions.
  • Battery is fully charged
  • Electrical connections are in good condition and connected.
  • Relay switch is not defective
  • Consult your Operator's Manual  for the proper starting procedures

Do I have to run the Dingo at full throttle when using the unit?

The unit is intended to be run at full throttle at all times.  The only exception is running the unit with a backhoe attachment.  When using the backhoe attachment, the throttle must be run in the 2/3 position.

Why does the unit creep when on a slope or when transporting the unit?

The Dingo has a Counter Balance Valve that is set to a certain PSI.  If the PSI exceeds the set PSI, the unit will shift forward. 

To prevent this from occurring, make sure the unit is securely tied down when transporting the unit by trailer or truck.

When using the unit on a slope, make sure the unit is positioned sideways across the slope, and not up and down.

Can I put the rubber tracks over the tires on my Dingo wheeled unit?

It is not advisable to use rubber over the tire rubber tracks on any chain drive Dingo model (Dingo 222). Due to the increased pressure on the front axle caused by the tension of the rubber over the tire tracks. The result could be a bent front axle. Toro does have steel over the tire tracks that are acceptable for use on your Dingo.

Do all Toro Dingo attachments fit any base unit?

A majority of our attachments are compatible with most models.  The TX 413 has a unique attachment fittings that require specific attachments.  Visit our Product Center to see which attachments are available for your unit.  You will need a model and serial number of the unit.

Please contact your local Toro Authorized Dealer for assistance regarding pricing and availability on attachments.

Is there a tow valve that can be installed on my Dingo so if needed I can push or pull the unit?

Yes, in model year 2001 we introduced a tow valve on the 4-Paw™ units. It is built into the brake counterbalance valves. Those are the two small black rectangular valves on either side of the engine in the back. On the side of the valve there is an Allen screw that can be opened to release the pressure so that the unit can be towed. This can be added to your unit by replacing the brake counterbalance valves. Be sure you do not tow the unit too fast or damage will occur to the hydraulic system.

Please see your Operator's Manual for step by step instructions on moving a non-functional unit.