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A mowing movement

Zero-turn mowers offer contractors maneuverability, versatility and power.

mower imageIt stands to reason, ZRTs are incredibly versatile tools. They allow unrivaled maneuverability for mowing around trees, plants and hardscape projects, provide users measurably shorter mowing times and, these days, are often designed sporting easy-to-use features, power, performance and durability, and all for an amazing value.

“That’s why we like them so much,” says Tim Huffman, operations manager for Southern Services Co. in Lake Dallas, Texas. “We’ve been running Toros for 10 years, and have had pretty good success with the zero-turns. They’re very durable – and we should know because we work them hard.”

Huffman says Southern Services particularly likes the local service associated with owning Toro ZRTs, and that “there’s very little to do with them besides changing oil and blades. They’re super-dependable.”

ZRTs are also good with wide-open green spaces, offering big horsepower, easy-to-use features and control options for different types and grades of terrain, and providing a superior cut with an expert look. Southern Services works primarily commercial properties, and Huffman says his ZRTs’ biggest job is a 15-18 acre homeowner’s association. “We do that weekly, which means there’s a lot of ground to cover there.”

“(It’s my) 24th summer of cutting grass, and I’ve never used anything but a Toro,” says Todd Billadeau of GroundsCare, in Hamel, Minn. “They handle well, and are fast and efficient.”

Emory McLaurin, president and owner of McLaurin Landscaping in Mooresville, N.C., says he’s been in business for 14 years and Toro’s ZRTs are the best mowers he’s purchased.

Large Tile Ad “They’re quality pieces of equipment that never let me down,” he says. “They are dependable and work for me every day. They’re even good for that striping detail when you mow.”

Zero-turn mowers are extremely responsive and dynamic, allowing a mower operator the ability to turn sharp corners so that property care specialists can mow close to landscaping, buildings and other impediments.

Power and versatility are just a few of the attributes of Toro ZRTs that Ryan Otto, president and owner of Ottomatic Lawn Care in Hampton, Minn., appreciates. “I have a brand new 2011 G3 zero turn, and I really like the power compared to the other mowers I have, and the adjustable deck and blade speeds are exceptional,” Otto says. “I mow city parks and schools with it … churches and other municipal lots.

“You just don’t get bogged down with too many things,” he says. “It’s a well-rounded piece of equipment, and I would highly recommend it.”

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