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Contractors who have been using Toro’s Grandstand™ mowers with TURBO FORCE® decks have been impressed with the mowers’ agility, speed and maneuverability – and their ability to boost their businesses’ bottom lines.

TWICE AS GOOD. Jay Moore is maintenance division manager at Complete Landsculpture in Dallas, Texas. The company operates seven Grandstand mowers, and Moore says they allow his crews to work faster and more easily.

“They’re fantastic machines,” he says. His crews can fit more mowers in the same space, and can use them in place of walk-behinds or ride-on models.

“One piece can take the place of two,” he says. “It’s a time saver just because of the make of the machine.” Since operators can alternately ride on or walk behind the machine, they aren’t as tired at the end of a long day, and work faster in the late hours.

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“They’re not as tired, not moving as slow. We’re seeing a big increase in efficiency,” he says.

Hear What Others are Saying

Complete Landsculpture’s maintenance division does large commercial accounts, and employs 70 people in season. Last year, they did $3 million in revenue. Moore says the machines’ TURBO FORCE deck also saves time, since operators can adjust it on the fly.

“It’s worked great, because it’s got the multiple adjustments,” he says of the deck. “We don’t have the clog-up situation when the grass gets nice and mushy in the spring and late fall. We can regulate that with that deck.”

CUTTING TIME. For a commercial operation like U.S. Lawns in Keller, Texas, speed is key. Kaveh Meghdadpour, who owns two of the franchises in the Lone Star State, says Toro Grandstands allow his operators to easily get on and off to clear debris from turf, and move fast when cutting.

“Properties like we have on main streets have lots of trash and debris. It can be time consuming if you have to get off too many times,” he says. “If you don’t have to get on and off the mower, you can be just as productive, even if you have a smaller deck. We save 10-15 minutes per property.” In business since 2008, Meghdadpour’s franchises have eight employees total, and brought in $350,000 last year.

The mowers’ rear platform folds up, combining the comfort of a ride-on with the freedom of movement of a walk-behind. When they have to get off the machines, operators don’t have to move the handles, take off their seat belt and climb down only to repeat the process again in a few minutes, he says. “They just pop right off it and get right back on it,” he says. “The Grandstand allows the worker to get on and off the mower extremely easy.”

RAMPING UP PRODUCTION. John Cassell, proprietor of Dependable Landscape on Martha’s Vineyard, likes the Grandstand’s variable speed control lever, and that he can raise the deck up for transport. Cassell’s territory involves a lot of dirt roads, and his crews can’t always haul a trailer to carry their mowers. With the aid of a couple of ramps, his operators can drive the Grandstand right into the bed of a truck.

“It’s pretty agile. You can raise the deck up five inches or so in transport mode. Sometimes we can go directly into trucks without a trailer,” Cassell says. “It’s a pretty nimble rig. The Grandstand is short enough that I can get into the truck with the 48 [-inch mower] and it fits.” In season, Cassell runs one crew six days a week, doing mostly residential work, but also maintaining several large estates. He says the Grandstand has helped him save time.

“I think it’s upped production on some of the bigger places. Especially on the bigger lawns, it definitely ups the production a little bit … I would say 20-25 percent.”