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Quality of cut

MowerToro’s TURBO FORCE® deck pays you back in performance

As spring starts, you and your maintenance crews will face every type of weather – and turf condition – imaginable. And when the season gets underway, you want your mower to be up to the task. Mowers equipped with Toro’s patented TURBO FORCE® deck are both versatile and strong, and can help you power through demanding spring conditions and drive your business to a profitable year.

GETTING THE JOB DONE. AJ Comerford, owner of Green Boys Landscapes in Sturbridge, Mass., runs two Toro’s – a walk-behind and a GrandStand™, both equipped with TURBO FORCE decks. 

“We haven’t had a single problem with either of them – the whole machine, not just the deck. They really work very well. I like the fact that you can change the baffle position on them so easily. That’s really good for in-the-field changes. You just want to do the work. They do the job that we want them to do.”

Green Boys does about $150,000 in revenue a year from residential maintenance, as well as landscape design and construction. With four employees – including Comerford – the company doesn’t have time to waste when mowers are laid up in the shop or running over grass a second or third time to make sure it’s all cut.

“A lot of mowers just don’t cut it, for lack of a better word. If you have downtime, you’re not making any money,” he says. “(With Toro’s TURBO FORCE deck) you only have to cut it once. You don’t have to do double cuts or triple cuts.”

‘IT’S THE BEST’. Despite the down economy, Richard Vees, the owner of Little Weeds Lawn and Landscapes in Blandon, Pa., had one of his most productive years ever in 2009. And he credits it to Toro’s TURBO FORCE deck.

“Absolutely. No question in my mind,” Vees says. “Compared to any other deck I’ve used, it’s the best. With the productivity of the machine, I easily saved an hour and half a day off my route. It made a lot of difference.”

Vees uses two Toro GrandStands to manage about 60 properties in the Reading, Pa., area. Last year, he says, the mowers’ TURBO FORCE deck helped him stay productive even through a rainy season.

“The adjustability of the baffle was nice, the final cut was great,” he says. “The biggest thing this past year is very rarely did I have to double-cut a lawn. The other plus is zero complaints in the way the lawn has looked – no mounds of clippings or piles of dead grass.”

Adds Brad Ayres, owner of Brad’s Lawn Service in Grand Haven, Mich.: “What I really liked about it is that you could adjust the baffle on it, so I could have it accommodate any mowing conditions I was handling at the time. It handled any condition I threw at it. I took it through wet, long, dry, short – it powered through everything without any problems.”