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Sharp Tote + Core Charge + Shipping = Your Cost

Product Tote of replacement blades Core Charge UPS Ground 2-Day Air Next-Day Air
stump grinder $199 $400* $20+$20 $60+$20 $80+$20
brush chipper $129 $250* $15+$15 $45+$15 $60+$15
*A core charge applies to all sharpening orders. Once your tote with dull blades is returned to Toro, you will be credited the core charge.
Available only in the United States.


What is Pro-Sharp and how does it work?
Similar to a propane tank exchange program, order sharp blades from Pro-Sharp and return your dull blades in the tote using the pre-paid shipping label.

What is the cost to use the Pro-Sharp services?
A sharp set of stump grinder blades is $199 + $400 core charge + shipping
A sharp set of brush chipper blades is $129 + $250 core charge + shipping

What is the cost per hour of use?
Cutting blades are the most important component of your Toro equipment. You can keep sharp blades on your Toro equipment for as little as $1.59 per hour of use. Here's how it works out.

  Stump Grinder Chipper
Sharpening cost $199 $129
Shipping charges $40
($20 for sharp tote to you and $20 for dull tote back to Toro)
($15 for sharp tote to you and $15 for dull tote back to Toro)
Total cost of sharp blade tote $239 $159
Recommended change interval 25 hours 25 hours
Blade sets per tote 6 3
Total hours of use a tote lasts 150
(6 changes x 25 hours)
(3 changes x 25 hours)
Total cost per hour of use $1.59
($239 divided by 150 hours)
($159 divided by 75 hours)

What is a core charge?
A core charge is a form of deposit you pay until returning your dull blade tote. The core charge is refunded to you when Toro receives your tote of dull blades.

Note: Totes returned less than complete, 24 blade sections for stump grinders and 6 blades for chippers, will have core charge refunds returned at a proportional rate. For example: If you return a stump grinder tote with only 12 blade sections (50% of the quantity), you will receive 50% of your core charge refund, in this case you would receive a refund of $200 ($400 core charge x 50% = $200).

How much is shipping?
Shipping charges are the responsibility of the customer and are prepaid by Toro and charged to the customer on each sharpening order.
The shipping cost to receive your sharp blades depends on your choice of shipping method when you place your order see table below:

Shipping Sharp Tote to Customer
or 2nd Day




Dull Tote
back to




$20 or $60 or $80 + $20 = Total Shpping Cost


$15 or $45 or $60 + $15 = Total Shpping Cost

Total shipping cost includes shipping sharp tote to customer plus shipping dull tote back to Toro.


Stump Grinder tote shipped ground = $40 in shipping ($20 shipping sharp tote to customer + $20 shipping dull tote to Toro)

Brush Chipper tote shipped Next Day = $75 in shipping ($60 shipping sharp tote to customer + $15 shipping dull tote to Toro)

* Delivery methods do not include weekends or holidays and must be ordered by the 11 AM Central Time deadline to ship the same business day

How soon can I get my sharp blades?
Orders placed by 11:00 AM Central Time will ship the same day via your requested shipping method.
Ground shipment delivery time will vary depending on your proximity to our Plymouth, WI. depot.

Do I pay to ship dull blades back to Toro?
Yes. You will pay for dull tote return shipping at the time of order and receive a prepaid shipping label with your sharp blade tote. See the how much is shipping section for further details.

I'm missing a set of blades, what now?
The tote with dull blades must be returned with complete blade sets. Missing blades or sections will result in a reduction of the core charge refund. See core charge section for further explanantion.

I don't have a tote, where do I get one?
If you did not purchase a tote at the time you purchased your stump grinder or brush chipper, you will need to order one from your Toro dealer using the following part numbers:
22607 Tote with new blades for Toro SGR-13 stump grinder (model 22602)
22605 Tote with new blades for Toro BC-25 brush chipper (model 22604)
Need to find a Toro dealer? Click here.

What products are covered by Pro-Sharp?
At this time, sharp blades can be obtained through the Pro-Sharp service for the Toro SGR-13 stump grinder (model 22602) and Toro BC-25 brush chipper (model 22604)

When should I order a sharp tote?
We recommend ordering a sharp tote when you install the second to last sharp set from your tote. For stump grinders, you should order a sharp tote when you have five (5) dull sets and one (1) sharp set in your tote. For chippers, you should order a sharp tote when you have two (2) dull sets and one (1) sharp set in your tote.

How many blades are in a tote?
The stump grinder blade tote has 24 blade sections for a total of 6 replacement sets.
The brush chipper blade tote has 6 blades, for a total of 3 replacement sets.

When should I replace my blades?
Sharp blades make a tremendous difference in customer experience. So make sure you maximize customer experience by keeping you blades sharp with Toro’s Pro-Sharp sharpening service.

Stump Grinders:
Blades should be replaced every 25 hours or when you notice excessive vibration while operating the grinder or when the carbide tips start rounding at the edge. The efficiency of the machine is decreased when operating with dull blades, causing the user and engine to work harder, resulting in operator fatigue, additional gas consumption and wear and tear on machine parts.

Brush Chippers:
Blades should be replaced or sharpened every 25 hours or when you notice excessive vibration, noise, or a reduction in chipping capacity. Using the brush chipper with dull blades causes machine part wear, decreases chipping speed and power, and increases mulch size.

How do I replace the blades?
Learn how to replace blades or reference the owners manual.

Can I sharpen the blades myself?
Absolutely. However, sharpening stump grinder blades requires specific grinding wheels and dressers. Chipper blade sharpening will require a jig to ensure proper blade bevel and a consistent edge. Learn more about sharpening here.

How do I get the blade sharpening wheels to do it myself?
Click here for detailed instructions on sharpening stump grinder blades and the specific equipment needed to do so properly.

Where do I get parts for my machine?
Equipment parts are available exclusively through Toro's extensive dealer network. Click here to find the Toro dealer nearest you. Click here to look-up parts for your machine.