Greensmaster TriFlex Hybrid

Cutting Edge Performance

Patented DPA Cutting Units

Precision manufactured cutting units for minimal adjustments with a proven ability to maintain adjustment for longer periods of time for superior cutting performance.

Lift-In-Turn Cutting Units

Improved Clippings Capture

Double A-Arm Flex Suspension System

All Electric Reel Drive System

Stored Energy

8, 11 & 14 Blade Cutting Units

Balanced Weight Distribution

Balloon-Style Tires


Faster Transport Speeds

Ten miles per hour transport speeds will allow you to stay ahead of golfers and get more greens cut in a shorter time.

Hydraulic Powered Lift & Drive

Greater Stability

Easy Grass Basket Removal

Low Friction Bearings

Improved Ground Clearance

Three-Wheel Series/Parallel Drive

More Engine Power

Tool-Free, Quick-Change Cutting Units


TriFlex tricycle design

Tricycle Design

Unlike competitive models, the rear wheel will always turn within the radius of the front wheels to minimize the possibility of dropping a rear wheel in a bunker, getting stuck or damaging the bunker lip or turf.

TriFlex tricycle design

Adjustable Tilt-Steering

Optional Deluxe Seats

Easy-To-Operate Controls

Electric Reel Motor Power for the Application

Safety & Security

Power for More Applications

Low Noise Muffler


TriFlex Tip Up Footrest

Exclusive Lift-Gate Footrest

The unique lift-gate footrest provides easy and open access to the center cutting unit for adjustments or clippings removal. This simple, yet powerful feature eliminates the need to return to the shop or to put the greensmower on a lift for routine cutting unit maintenance.

TriFlex Tip Up Footrest

Advanced Diagnostics

Single-Sided Rear Wheel Fork

Cutting Unit Stabilizers

Turf Guardian Leak Detection System

Visible Fluid Level indication

No Grease Points

Jack Points – All 3 Wheels