We are looking for beta users to use the software for free in 2020.
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Cut Down Chaos

Streamline and optimize your business so you can get back to what matters most.

All your data is located in one place – customers, jobs, employee, equipment, etc. This allows Horizon360™ to seamlessly tie all your information together and put it to work for you. Dump those spreadsheets, whiteboards, crew notebooks and other clutter.

Gain Clarity - Be in the Driver's Seat

Never miss a job or look through pages and pages of notes to figure out what jobs were completed.

All work that needs to be scheduled is served to you when you need to see it so you can assign it to a crew and balance their workloads. Rained out? No problem, simply reassign and reschedule in the software; no job is lost, nothing is forgotten.

Book It. Cut It. Bill It.

Learn where your business can grow.

Invoicing can take you hours per week. Stop looking through crew logs to determine what work was done, then sitting down at your computer and manually creating invoices. Horizon360™ tracks your crews and tracks what work has been completed. Never again miss getting paid for work that was lost or forgotten, or accidentally bill for a job not completed.

Communication, Proof of Service

Every crew has a mobile app that contains their schedule for the day or the week. If you change their schedule on the fly, it changes in the app, and the crew is sent a notification. Crews can take proof of service photos that are stored in the Horizon360™ software. They can also send the office field notes, so you are always up-to-date on every job that was done.


Estimating can be time consuming and inaccurate.

There are one-off tools out there to help you but they are not integrated into your business system. Horizon360™ enables you to accurately and quickly create estimates. When these estimates turn into customers and jobs, they are automatically entered into the system and the work is ready to schedule.

Enhance Your Bottom Line

Where are my crews? How long have they been on the job? What equipment was used and for how long? Because all your data is in one system and because we track your crews and equipment, Horizon360™ can help answer your questions. From, did I bid this job correctly, to how many more customers can I take on without adding another crew? You now have everything at your fingertips to tame the chaos inherent in the landscape industry and grow your business.

What is Beta and How Does it Work?

Beta is a pre-release version of the Horizon360™ software that Toro will give to a group of contractors to use under real conditions. The beta version has gone through months of in-house testing and is very close in look, feel and function of the final product. Over the course of the beta period, we will be adding additional functionality to the software. It is very common for beta users to discover “bugs” in the software, in fact, that is the purpose of beta; to discover problems, fix them and improve the software. Because of this the beta version of Horizon360 is free to our users.

Beta users are expected to report any problems to Toro, either through the software or to our support center. Toro reserves the right to remove beta users from the program who are not using the software. Please note it is possible that not everyone who signs up to be a beta participant will be invited to participate.

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GPS Devices

Working in conjunction with the software is a series of GPS tracking devices. These devices provide critical data to the software, allowing you to know where your crews are, where have they been and how long have they been there. This data allows Horizon360 to provide you with important analytical tools to evaluate your business, like how much money are you making on specific jobs? Which type of work is most profitable for you? How efficient are your crews compared to each other or other contractors?

These devices are not free to beta users, but Toro will be providing them at our cost and will not exceed $100/device/year.

Beta Timing

The beta period will begin in January 2020 and will continue through December of 2020. Toro may decide to exit beta sooner and move into commercialization. If that happens, beta users will still receive the software for free for 2020. Contractors selected to participate in the beta pool will be notified during the first week of January and given access to the software. There will be work required for contractors to on-board the software into their business – data entry and device installation, in addition to learning the software. Devices will be available to be ordered from within the software.