EVOLUTION with Smart Connect


The EVOLUTION controller presents a new way to think about irrigation control. It combines a modern and intuitive design with wide-ranging functionality, making it perfect for everyday residential use, yet able to meet the needs of more complex landscapes. When paired with a Smart Connect® wireless receiver and the associated wireless accessories, the EVOLUTION controller helps you better manage your system and water usage.


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Available 4- (EMOD-4) or 12- (EMOD-12) station expansion modules are designed for fast and secure customizing of the EVOLUTION Series controller’s station count. The expansion modules are hot-swappable.

Simple-to-use software allows you to program everything at a computer. Use a standard USB drive to transfer programming to one or more controllers in a matter of seconds. Create custom schedules or utilize the easy-to-use wizard to generate schedules based on historical watering requirements of your location.
SMRT Logic - EVOLUTION - SMRTscape mobile app
Toro SMRT Logic offers cloud-based landscape control anytime, from anywhere. Through the SMRTscape™ app or website, users are able to remotely control and manage their irrigation system, outdoor lighting, or other key features of their landscape from wherever they may be. SMRT Logic communicates to the EVOLUTION through a Smart Connect™ transceiver that uses a secure 900 MHz radio signal to communicate to the controller.

When paired with a Smart Connect transceiver (sold separately), the EVOLUTION Series controller is able to communicate wirelessly to a series of powerful, water-saving accessories, including the ET Weather Sensor, Precision™ Soil Sensor, Auxiliary Relay, Handheld Remote, and SMRT Logic Internet Gateway. SMRT Logic is a unique platform that allows remote access and control of your EVOLUTION controller and broader landscape through the SMRTscape™ website or app.