SMRT Logic On-Demand Landscape Control



The SMRT Logic gateway provides on-demand access to your irrigation controller and other landscape features from anywhere in the world, and gives you the power to manage your landscape through your smartphone, tablet, or computer.  


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SMRT Logic Gate Device

Simply plug the SMRT Logic into any router and let it connect to the internet on its own. No Wi-Fi passwords or permissions required.
SMRT Logic

SMRT Logic communicates to the EVOLUTION controller and other landscape features through a secure and proprietary 900 MHz radio signal. Giving it more range and better reliability than standard Wi-Fi and Bluetooth platforms.
SMRT Logic Secure

SMRT Logic is not a part of a home or business’s Wi-Fi network, making it virtually invisible to would-be hackers or thieves. The network remains secure, as no permissions or passwords are required.

In addition to irrigation, SMRT Logic, when paired with Toro Wireless Auxiliary Relays, can control of a wide range of 120V-powered outdoor landscape features. Simply plug your devices into the AUX Relay and custom program through the SMRTscape website. Further, the SMRT Logic can be controlled through your Amazon® Echo™ or Google® Home™ devices, giving you even more flexibility and control of your landscape.