• Lynx Level 1 Class: (2 day) Items covered Watering Plan, Map Importation, Manual Irrigation, Instant Program, Turf Guard. Suggested attendees: New to three (3) year users.

  • Lynx Level 2 Class: (2 day) Items covered Control System, Hydraulics, Site Codes, Map Fine tuning, SIB setup, Pump Interface.Suggested attendees: Three (3) or more years or have attended Lynx Level 1.

  • Lynx Level 3 Class: (2 ½ day) Items covered Customer Utilizes own database to take home all changes, Trouble Shooting. Level 3 can only be paired with a Lynx Daily Operation Class.Suggested attendees: Five (5) or more years or have attended Lynx Level 2.

  • Lynx Daily Operation Class: (1 day) Items covered Overview of Watering Plan, adding a station, Overview Manual Irrigation and Instant Program and Course Report. Suggested attendees: Infrequent users like foreman, irrigation tech, weekend supervisors.

  • SitePro Intermediate Class: (2 day) Items covered Scheduling Irrigation, Station Additions, Hydraulics, Overview of entire software.

  • NSN Focused Training: (on-line or on-site) Personalized topic specific utilizing customer’s database with a written report.(on-site limited to continental US and half day events are on a limited basis).

  • NSN Custom Database Management: Items covered review of database, refinement of database and written report. Available for SitePro and Lynx users.

  • Lynx Express Training: On-line short refresher course.A single topic is covered per course. Available with an active NSN Support Plan.

  • Training In Tens: Training videos are available on the NSN Customer Portal.  Each are approximately ten (10) minutes in length. Available for both Lynx an SitePro users.