Frequently Asked Questions 


Why am I receiving a statement?

Your statement is not a bill. The statement is to show you what is currently open on your account and any upcoming balance. For more assistance, please visit “How to Read Your Statement.


I can’t pay from a statement. How do I receive invoices?

Please forward your most recent statement to requesting that your account is changed to invoices. In the email, please include the name of the Golf Course, the Superintendent, and the Zip Code. Please note that it could take up to two weeks to process a request. 


How do I set up or change AutoPay to a credit card payment method?

Call 1-888-676-8676 and speak to someone in our billing department or use the Credit Card Authorization Form and email (All credit card information is deleted upon account update)


I have new account information. How do I update my account?

Forward your most recent billing document to with the new information in the body of the email.


Can I get a copy of my digital contract?

Yes, forward your most recent billing document to requesting a copy of the digital contract.


I have a credit on my account – what can I do with it?

If you would like to apply the current credit to an open payment on your account, forward the most recent billing document to, requesting that the credit be applied. Once we receive the request, we will confirm the credit and apply accordingly.


If you would like to receive a refund, forward the most recent billing document, Vendor Request Form, and current W-9 (signed and dated) to, requesting that the refund be processed. Once we receive this request, we will confirm the refund amount and refund accordingly.


What is MyTurf, and why is it on my statement?

 For all questions regarding MyTurf, email:


Note: Incomplete or unclear information can cause a delay in processing your request


If further assistance is needed please contact or call 888-876-TORO (8676)