Whether you need a spray solution for turf lawns, slopes, medians, high traffic, or high wind locations, Toro® spray bodies provide the options you are looking for. Traditional MPR to high efficiency water management solutions, Toro nozzles provide reliable easy-to-use products with the latest in water saving technology.

What is Efficiency?

Toro PSN high efficiency nozzles use up to 35% less water. What does efficiency look like? Efficiency looks like delivering more uniform droplets and consistent spray pattern.

Toro WaterSmart® Solutions

Save water, save money. How to implement innovative solutions to save on outdoor water use without sacrificing results.

Toro Precision™ Series Spray Nozzle

The Toro Precision Series Spray Nozzle with exclusive H2O Chip Technology represents the most significant breakthrough in spray nozzle technology in over 60 years.

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Understanding Pressure Regulating Sprinklers

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