Toro Dingo attachments are specifically designed to work with Toro Dingo mini skid steer loaders. Using these attachments ensures that your mini skid steer operates at peak performance and delivers the best results. The attachments are designed to be easy to operate and provide clear sight lines, allowing operators to work efficiently and accurately. Check out our full line of compact utility loaders.

Choosing the Right Mini Skid Steer Attachment

When selecting a mini skid steer attachment, it's essential to consider the specific tasks you need to accomplish and the capabilities of your machine. Here are some key points to consider when choosing the right mini skid steer attachment for your project.

Backhoe Attachment

The backhoe attachment is primarily used for digging tasks. It features a digging arm with a bucket at the end. Backhoes are commonly used in construction, landscaping, and utility work and allows you to excavate holes, trenches, and foundations efficiently. The attachment offers a hydraulic swing pivot which can swing side to side like a swivel mechanism, allowing you to dig in various directions without repositioning the skid steer.

Floor Scraper Attachment

A floor scraper attachment is designed for removing flooring materials from surfaces. The attachment features a wide, flat blade that scrapes the material off the floor and can remain level even when the skid steer is traversing uneven surfaces. It displaces vinyl, quarry, and ceramic tile, as well as carpet squares, paint, glue, and more.

4 in 1 Bucket

The 4-in-1 bucket is a versatile attachment that combines several functions into one. It can be used as a standard bucket, a leveler, a grapple rake and a blade. With the grapple rake feature the side jaws can be used for picking up material by closing them over objects or materials to be transported.

Auger Drill Attachment

Auger drill attachments are used for drilling holes in the ground. They are commonly used for tasks like fence post installation, tree planting, and foundational work. With Toro’s high torque auger attachment option, you can dig up to 6’ deep in clay, gravel, sandstone, and many other conditions where lower torque heads get stuck.

Trencher Attachment

Trencher attachments are specifically designed for creating trenches in the ground. They are commonly used in utility installation, irrigation systems, and landscaping projects. Trenchers use a digging chain with teeth that excavate the soil and create a narrow trench. Dingo trencher attachments offer adjustable depth control, allowing you to create trenches of varying depths. Dingo trenchers offer a wide range of options, like high torque or high speed trencher, to handle any type of job.

Grapple Attachment

Grapple attachments are used for handling and moving materials like logs, rocks, brush, and debris. They feature two or more hydraulic-powered arms with gripping jaws that securely hold the material. Grapples provide excellent control and stability when lifting and transporting bulky or uneven loads. They are commonly used in forestry, construction, land clearing, and waste management applications.