Toro® tree removal rental equipment is designed for maximum day-to-day productivity. These machines deliver the perfect combination of user-friendly operation and commercial-grade performance to keep operators working efficiently all day, every day. Even first-time renters will quickly be comfortable operating these powerful products.

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3 Easy Steps to Rent a Toro Stump Grinder

Stump grinders are a crucial component for tree care professionals and one of the primary pieces of equipment for landscapers. There are two types of stump grinders users can consider for the job — the commonly used wheeled handlebar stump grinder and another conventionally used tracked walk-behind stump grinder.

Research and Explore Tree Removal Equipment

When removing a stump or multiple stumps consider the size of the stumps you need to remove, as this will help you determine the appropriate model and size of the stump grinder. As stump removal can be a labor-intensive process, these factors can help determine what type of equipment is needed to tackle the job successfully.

Contact the Rental Dealer and Get a Quote

Once you have a clear idea of the type of Toro Stump Grinder you need, contact a reputable rental dealer in your area. Discuss your requirements with the dealer and request a quote. They will provide you with information on rental rates, deposit requirements, and any additional charges, such as delivery fees or insurance costs. 

Reserve Your Stump Grinder and Schedule Pickup or Delivery

Coordinate with the rental dealer to either pick up the stump grinder from their location or arrange for delivery to your job site. Discuss any associated logistics and fees for transportation.