Toro® tree care equipment is designed for maximum day-to-day productivity. These machines deliver the perfect combination of user-friendly operation and commercial-grade performance to keep operators working efficiently all day, every day. Even new users will quickly be comfortable operating these powerful products.

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Types of Tree Cutting Equipment for Tree Removal 

Tree work encompasses a range of tasks that include trimming, pruning, felling, and thinning trees across diverse settings. Trimming and pruning primarily serve aesthetic objectives, often sought after by individuals or organizations aiming to enhance a location's visual appeal. Furthermore, tree work extends to the felling of trees for various purposes, such as logging, land clearing to enhance safety, or creating room for constructing new structures. Besides tree removal, the relocation or transplantation of trees to different locations constitutes another facet of tree work.

Stump Grinders for Tree Removal

Stump grinders are specialized machines used for the removal of tree stumps and their roots from the ground. These machines come in various sizes and types, but they share common features and functionalities. Toro stump grinders feature quick-change grinder teeth that let you rotate to a new cutting edge in seconds. The innovative design enables the teeth to shear smoothly rather than shred for faster, more efficient cutting. Each tooth has three cutting edges for maximum durability, and teeth are interchangeable across the full Toro stump grinder line.


Want a stump grinder with heavy-duty components but is easy to load and transport? The SGR-6 stump grinder can access hard to reach stumps and grind close to other objects due to its compact design, making it ideal for smaller jobs. SGR stump grinders are well balanced, easy to operate and simple to maintain for the smoothest cutting.


Clearing tough stumps is a big job. The STX-38 stump grinder makes that job faster and easier. Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) and electric start deliver reliable power, easy starting and low maintenance.

Wood Splitters for Tree Removal

Wood splitters, also known as log splitters, are machines designed to split logs and large pieces of wood into smaller, more manageable sizes for firewood, woodworking, or other purposes. They come in various types and sizes, each with its own set of features.


The Toro Log Splitter is durable and built with the rental industry in mind. A heavy-duty I-Beam, splitter wedge and torsion axle, along with a reliable engine, extend the longevity of the machine. With an easy-to-use control lever and a 12 second cycle time, the Toro log splitter provides greater productivity and jobsite efficiency. This machine comes with many standard features at no additional cost, creating greater value and a better return on investment (ROI).

Stump Grinder Skid Steer Attachment

The Toro® Dingo® Stump Grinder easily attaches to either Dingo or Dingo TX compact utility loaders. Make grinding stumps quicker and more productive with the stump grinder attachment for your Toro Dingo.