Toro understands the importance of providing rental solutions for hauling materials such as rock, sand, gravel, concrete, mulch and various other materials. Our concrete buggy, power buggy or a Georgia buggy as they are sometimes referred to, are designed to tackle even the toughest material handling and transport needs. Toro offers concrete buggies rentals in wheeled or tracked options, swivel or straight dump, and electric or gas power; all designed to be efficient and easy to use. Explore our lineup and rent yours today!

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How to Rent a Toro Concrete or Power Buggy

Research and Explore Concrete Buggies

Start by identifying the type of buggy you’ll need for your job. Decide how much material you’ll need to move and pick the best buggy to match your needs. Call out electric vs gas options.

Contact the Rental Dealer and Get a Quote

Discuss your project requirements with the rental dealer. Provide details such as the type of concrete work you'll be doing, the volume of material to be transported, and the expected duration of the rental period. This information will help confirm the concrete buggy model for your needs. Request a rental quote from the dealer. They will provide you with information on rental rates, deposit requirements, and any additional charges, such as delivery fees or insurance costs.

Reserve your Buggy and Schedule a Pickup or Delivery

Coordinate with the rental dealer to either pick up the concrete buggy from their location or arrange for delivery to your job site. Discuss any associated logistics and fees for transportation.