Make fast work of indoor jobs with the next-generation Toro® eDingo® 500 and electric Ultra Buggy® e2500. 

Get More With Zero

Zero-turn maneuvering, zero engine exhaust emissions, zero fuel costs — and total jobsite efficiency. Take on tighter spaces, shorter timelines and indoor jobsite restrictions with the electric power and flexibility these machines provide.

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eDingo 500 dumping material in the electric Ultra Buggy

Indoor Optimized

Scrape up floors then haul it away with an indoor demolition tag team. Electric-drive motors make both machines a quiet option for jobsites with noise restrictions — like schools or hospitals. Plus, both are designed with solid, non-marking tires, making them an outstanding option for indoor construction, demolition and flooring applications.
eDingo 500 with the electric Ultra Buggy on site eDingo 500 with a bucket dumping material into the Ultra Buggy

All-Day Power And Productivity

Specifically designed for indoor construction and demolition with customer driven enhancements, these machines take all-day power and productivity to another level. Featuring Toro’s patented HyperCell Power Systems® and proprietary battery management system (BMS), which enable these machines to be powered for up to 8 hours of continuous runtime* on a single charge.

*Run time may vary based upon conditions and attachment being used.
eDingo inside a doorway
eDingo 500 (22219)

No job is too big, and no space is too small for the zero-turn maneuvering of the next-generation eDingo® 500. Featuring a narrower width of 30 inches and an increased hinge pin height of 81 inches, this machine can navigate through tight doorways and clear most standard dumpsters. The electric-drive motor also makes it a quiet option for jobsites with noise restrictions — like schools or hospitals.

  • Zero-Turn Radius
  • 30-in. Width
  • Clears Standard Dumpsters
  • 515 lbs. Rated Operating Capacity

electric ultra buggy inside a elevator
Ultra Buggy e2500 (68037)

Giving your customers up to 8 hours of continuous runtime, the Toro® electric Ultra Buggy® e2500 doesn’t quit until the day is done. Powered by Toro’s HyperCell® battery technology, the electric Ultra Buggy matches the power of our traditional gas-powered products while eliminating engine exhaust emissions.

  • Zero-Turn Radius
  • 31.5-in. Width
  • Mounted Dump and Directional Controls
  • 2,500 lbs. Rated Operating Capacity


MODEL eDingo® 500 (22219) Ultra Buggy® e2500 (68037)
BATTERY HyperCell® Power System  HyperCell® Power System
OVERALL HEIGHT 54.25" / 137.8 cm 45" / 114.3 cm
OVERALL LENGTH 66.25" / 168.2 cm 111" / 281.9 cm
OVERALL WIDTH 30" / 76.2 cm 31.5" / 80.6 cm
WEIGHT 2342 lbs. / 1062 kg 1530 lbs. / 694 kg
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Designed for the effective use of a wide range of attachments, the next-generation eDingo 500 gives you the flexibility to swap out attachments to tackle indoor demolition or whatever job you face.

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30in Adjustable Forks Attachment for the eDingo 500
30" Adjustable Forks

The Toro Dingo 30” Adjustable Forks is tailored specifically for the eDingo 500, these forks are the ultimate solution for seamless maneuvering through tight spaces during indoor construction and demolition tasks, elevating your productivity to new heights.

  • Overall frame width of under 30” for fitting through 36” doors
  • Excellent for carrying materials on jobsites
30 inch Floor Scraper Attachment for the eDingo 500
30" Floor Scraper

The Toro 30” Floor Scraper tackles any challenge with ease. From vinyl, quarry, and ceramic tiles to carpet squares, paint, glue, and more, no stubborn flooring material stands a chance against its power. Say farewell to tedious and time-consuming removal processes.

  • Overall frame width of under 30” for fitting through 36” doors
  • Includes four 31.8 lb. (14.4 kg) weights and a 24” (60.9 cm) blade holder (blades sold separately) 
30 inch Grapple Bucket Attachment for the eDingo 500
30" Grapple Bucket

The 30” Grapple Bucket is designed for contractors looking for a bucket to grab, drag, lift and remove demolition debris and materials on residential, commercial and demolition sites.


  • Overall width of 30” for fitting through 36” doors
  • A bucket to grab, drag, lift and remove materials on residential, commercial and demolition sites
30 inch bucket attachment for the eDingo 500
30" Standard Bucket

The 30" Standard Bucket is a powerhouse when it comes to moving concrete, rock, dirt, sand, or any other materials around the job site. Its slim 30" width allows for easy navigation through doorways and tight spaces, optimizing efficiency. 

  • Overall frame width of 30” for fitting through 36” doors
  • Great for general use
Steel tub ultra buggy carrying steel rods

Ultra Buggy Steel Tub

Designed for all Ultra Buggy models, the steel tub is sold as an optional accessory to replace the standard poly tub.

  • The steel tub offers a 14-cubic foot and 2,500-pound carrying capacity.
  • The curved back allows the tub to dump material at any point along the 180-degree radius when used on the Ultra Buggy 2500-TS model.