eDingo® 500 Electric Mini Skid Steer

  • Model: 22219
  • UPC/EAN: 21038222196
  • Narrow Width
  • Powered by HyperCell® Power System
  • 81" Hinge Pin Height


Toro is introducing the next generation in electric compact utility loaders: the Toro eDingo 500. Exceptional runtime in a compact design allows the eDingo to fit in the tightest spaces and tackle the toughest of jobs. Ideal for indoor construction and demolition, the eDingo 500 is powered by the HyperCell® Power System, a battery technology developed by Toro to match the power of traditional internal combustion powered products yet have zero exhaust emissions and less noise. The eDingo is optimized to deliver up to an eight-hour continuous runtime, while maintaining a 515lb ROC allowing it to complete more jobs with less hassle.


eDingo 500 going through a doorway
30" Width
The eDingo 500 has a brand-new frame with a narrow footprint to easily fit through a 3-ft. door..
eDingo 500 control system
Patented Controls
Operate the eDingo 500 with Toro’s patented one-handed traction controls. This user-friendly design allows for smooth and precise movements at any skill level.
Electric Ultra Buggy plugging in the battery
HyperCell® Power System
Toro designed Lithium-Ion battery system optimized to deliver up to 8 hours of continuous runtime.
eDingo 500 dumping floor tile in a bucket
The Reach You Need
Industry leading 81" hinge pin height while maintaining 515lb rated operating capacity.


Battery Toro HyperCell
Charging System Voltage 120VAC
Dump Angle 38 degrees
Dump Height (cm) 154.9
Dump Height (inches) 61
Fuel Type Electric
Ground Clearance (cm) 10.8
Ground Clearance (inches) 4.25
Ground Speed Forward (mph) 2.75
Ground Speed Foward (km/h) 4.43
Ground Speed Reverse (km/h) 4.43
Ground Speed Reverse (mph) 2.75
Hinge Pin Height (cm) 205.7
Hinge Pin Height (inches) 81
Hydraulic Flow 6.5 gpm (24.6 lpm)
Hydraulic Flow Auxilary 6.5 gpm
Loader Arms Radial
Max Operating Height (cm) 269.2
Max Operating Height (inches) 106
Motor Capacity (kW) 13.57
Overall Height w/bucket (cm) 137.8
Overall Height w/bucket (inches) 54.25
Overall Height w/o bucket (cm) 137.8
Overall Height w/o bucket (inches) 88
Overall Length w/bucket (cm) 223.62
Overall Length w/bucket (inches) 88
Overall Length w/o bucket (cm) 168.28
Overall Length w/o bucket (inches) 66.25
Overall Width w/bucket (cm) 106.25
Overall Width w/bucket (inches) 41.83
Overall Width w/o bucket (cm) 76.2
Overall Width w/o bucket (inches) 30
Rated Operating Capacity (kg) 233
Rated Operating Capacity (lbs) 515
Reach – Fully Raised (cm) 54.6
Reach – Fully Raised (inches) 21.5
Reservoir Capacity (gallons) 6
Reservoir Capacity (liters) 27.28
Weight (kg) 1062
Weight (lbs) 2342
Wheelbase (inches) 28


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OIL-GEAR, SYNTHETIC, QUART (Part # 144-6880)
eDingo 500 outdoor tire 161-1050
Outdoor Tires for the eDingo 500 (Part # 161-1050)
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Standard bucket
Loader Bucket Attachment (Part # 22409)
Light material bucket attachment
Light Materials Loader Bucket Attachment (Part # 22410)
Utility blade attachment
Utility Blade Attachment (Part # 22414)
Tree fork attachment
Tree Fork Attachment (Part # 22438)
Cement mixing bowl attachment
Cement Mixer Attachment (Part # 22442)
4 in 1 Bucket
4-in-1 Bucket Loader Bucket Attachment (Part # 22478)
narrow bucket attachment
Narrow Loader Bucket Attachment (Part # 22520)
Grapple Rake Attachment
Grapple Rake Attachment (Part # 22577)
Adjustable forks right side attachment
Adjustable Forks Attachment (Part # 22586)
Grapple Bucket
Grapple Bucket Attachment (Part # 22590)
Floor Scrapper Attachment on the eDingo 500
Floor Scraper Attachment (Part # 22670)
eDingo 500 with 30 inch floor scraper attachment
30" Floor Scraper Attachment (Part # 22673)
Swivel auger power head attachment
Mini Skid Steer Auger Attachment (Part # 22806)
Empty Image Container
6" Full Flight Auger Bit (Part # 22820)
Empty Image Container
9" Full Flight Auger Bit (Part # 22821)
Empty Image Container
12" Full Flight Auger Bit (Part # 22822)
Hydraulic breaker attachment
Concrete Breaker Attachment (Part # 23136)
Leveler Attachment
Leveler Attachment (Part # 23165)
30" Standard Bucket Attachment on the eDingo 500.
30" Standard Bucket (Part # 23174)
30" Adjustable Forks Attachment for the eDingo 500.
30” Adjustable Forks Attachment (Part # 23175)
30" Grapple Bucket attachment for the eDingo 500.
30" Grapple Bucket (Part # 23176)
Toro Red 12or aerosol can.
Toro Red 12or aerosol can. (Part # 361-10)
Toro Genuine Parts Logo
Red Paint (Gallon) (Part # 361-11)
Toro Genuine Parts Logo
Semi-Gloss Black Paint (Part # 361-9)


Title Documents
Dingo® Full Line Brochure PDF - Brochure-en-us
eDingo® 500 Sell Sheet PDF - Sellsheet-en-us

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