A concrete buggy, power buggy or a Georgia buggy as they are sometimes referred to, is a tool used for transporting and pouring materials. Toro understands the importance of providing solutions for hauling materials such as rock, sand, gravel, concrete, mulch and various other materials. These machines are designed to tackle even the toughest material handling and transport needs. Toro offers material buggies in wheeled or tracked options, swivel or straight dump, and electric or gas power; all designed to be efficient and easy to use.

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Concrete and Power Buggy Options

Concrete buggies are specialized vehicles designed to transport and pour concrete and other construction materials on job sites. They come in various types and configurations to meet the specific needs of different projects. You can mix, store and transport concrete with concrete mixing buckets and power buggies on site. Here are some of the different types of concrete buggies we offer.

Wheeled vs Tracked Buggies

Wheeled concrete buggies offer versatility and flexibility for any task. Their compact size and maneuverability allows you to dump material in tough to reach areas. Wheel buggies can help minimize site disturbance due to their lower ground pressure compared to larger vehicles. This can be important for preserving delicate surfaces or landscapes on the construction site.

Tracked concrete buggies, equipped with tracks instead of traditional wheels, offer a range of advantages that make them well-suited for construction sites. Tracked buggies provide superior traction, making them well-suited for challenging terrains, soft soils, and uneven surfaces. This traction allows them to navigate through muddy, rocky, or otherwise difficult areas more effectively. Having a tracked buggy can also reduce the likelihood of slippage on wet, icy, or loose surfaces.

Gas vs Electric Buggies

If you’re looking for a buggy that can eliminate engine exhaust emissions and cut down on operating noise, Toro’s electric Ultra Buggy is the buggy for you. Running completely on electric power, Toro’s Ultra Buggy comes equipped with a HyperCell® Lithium-Ion battery system and is optimized to deliver up to 8-hour continuous runtime. Looking for a buggy that allows for all day productivity? Toro’s gas Ultra Buggies have a large fuel tank capacity which allows for extended use time and all-day productivity. 

Swivel vs Straight Dump Buggies

The decision between using swivel dump buggies and straight dump buggies depends on the specific requirements of your construction project and the intended applications. Swivel dump buggies, like Toro’s Swivel Ultra Buggy, allows users to dump at any point along the 180 degree swivel radius. This feature is especially beneficial when you need to place concrete or other materials in a specific location without the need for additional equipment or manual adjustment. Straight dump buggies are straightforward to operate, making them suitable for projects where precise material placement is not a critical factor. With fewer moving parts, straight dump buggies might offer increased durability and reliability over the long term.

Concrete Buggy Tubs

Concrete buggy tubs can vary in function and carrying capacity. All Toro Ultra Buggies have been designed and tested to achieve a 2,500 lbs. carrying capacity   with a single wheel configuration. Concrete buggies come with either polyurethane tubs, which are lightweight and corrosion resistant, or in steel. Steel tubs offer strength, durability, and heat resistance, which can be beneficial when working with materials that are still curing or releasing heat. 

When choosing a concrete buggy for your project, consider factors such as the size of the job site, the terrain, the load capacity required, and the level of control and maneuverability needed.